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10 Things First-Time Pot Growers Tend to Overlook

10 Things First-Time Pot Growers Tend to Overlook

By Grow How

Growing cannabis for the first time can be uniquely exciting. So much so that most first-timers tend to overlook any number of critically important details.

Of course, practice makes perfect and it takes a while before you can expect to produce truly professional results. Nevertheless, make the mistake of overlooking the following indoor essentials and you could be setting yourself up for a disappointing outcome:

1. Space

First up, don’t allow your enthusiasm to grow as much pot as you possibly can allow you to lose sight of common-sense space considerations. Roughly translated – your plants need plenty of space and so too will all the various equipment you’ll be needing to get the job done properly.

2. Light

The thing to remember here being that there is a big difference between quality lighting and basic illumination. Just because the room or space is technically lit-up doesn’t meant it’s suitable for your cannabis plants. Unless you plan to get serious with the lighting, you might not want to bother.

3. Air

In terms of air, the one thing you need to focus on above everything else is circulation. It’s not always necessary to get carried away with complex ventilation and air filtration systems - unless you absolutely need them. Just ensure that the air is kept fresh and well circulated at all times.

4. Soil

Make no mistake about it – the quality of the soil you use can and will make a difference. What’s more, you also need to make sure that there is sufficient soil in each planter you intend to use. Restricted space and/or insufficient soil will have a negative effect on the outcome.

5. Seed Quality

The same also goes for seed quality, which can likewise make a big difference. There’s a reason why some seeds are given away for pennies, while others are considerably more expensive. The lower the quality of the seeds you pick up, the more difficult you are going to find it to succeed with them.

6. Strain Type

Be extremely mindful when it comes to the specific cannabis strain you choose to cultivate, as some are far more challenging than others. As a first-timer, it’s a good idea to stay away from anything on the more difficult side of the spectrum – you could end up in for a bumpier ride than you expected!

7. Germinating

Explore the various options available for germinating cannabis seeds and select the most appropriate option accordingly. What’s more, you might also want to confirm that it is definitely legal to germinate cannabis seeds in your jurisdiction, in order to avoid getting yourself into a whole world of trouble.

8. Clones

Clones have the potential to represent a quicker and easier way of getting started than growing from seeds. However, it is important to ensure that you take home only the very best clones to start with, otherwise it will be fundamentally impossible to produce strong and healthy cannabis plants.  Which in some instances can be easier said than done.

9. Segregation

Don’t let any male plants in the bunch spoil things for you. Just as soon as your plants begin approaching their flowering stage, you need to keep a keen eye out for any males that appear and get rid of them as quickly as possible.

10. Feeding

Last but not least, feeding is important and you need to ensure you provide your plants with the most outstanding nutrients you can lay your hands on. However, the important thing to remember in this instance is that more most certainly is not better. Instead, you need to pinpoint the precise dosage and balance of key nutrients your plants need and stick to these guidelines like glue.



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