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5 Things You Need to Know About Bedtime Cannabis

5 Things You Need to Know About Bedtime Cannabis

By Grow How

It’s no secret that certain strains of cannabis can have you catching far more than 40 winks in a matter of minutes. A few hits of a potent indica and you’re almost instantly in Never Never Land.

Such is the effectiveness of cannabis as a sleep aid that it’s become the organic go-to for millions of insomnia patients worldwide. Just as long as you choose the right strain and the right quantities, it really is the stuff of miracles.

But at the same time, very few cannabis users know the full extent to which cannabis affects sleep. For example, did you know that cannabis can be an effective dream inhibitor? Or that nasty dried-out bud is a better sleep-aid than fresh bud?

If the answer is no, don’t feel too bad – you’re far from in the minority!

So to shed a little light on things, we thought we’d share five of our favourite facts about bedtime cannabis:

1. CBD and THC affect sleep differently

It’s common knowledge that the effects of THC and CBD really couldn’t be more different. Nevertheless, you might not know the extent to which these two primary cannabis compounds affect sleep. Some high-THC inidica strains can effectively knock even the hardiest stoners flat on their back within minutes. Nevertheless, a study carried out in 2006 brought to light some interesting findings about CBD. Specifically, while CBD didn’t make a great deal of difference in terms of sleep quality, it helped participants avoid excessive sleepiness and lethargy throughout the day. Hence, a useful treatment in the aftermath of a poor night’s sleep.

2. Indica is the way to go for better sleep

No surprises here, but what’s interesting is how there’s still no direct scientific explanation as to why indica strains make the best sleep aids. It’s theorised that it comes down to the specific terpenes that are more dominant in indica cannabis. The same also applying to sativa – we’re still not 100% sure why many sativa strains are so energising and uplifting. Hybrids often prove popular among patients who struggle with sleep issues, but indica strains are by far the most effective of all.

3. Effectiveness increases with age

Old bud isn’t particularly appealing. Dry, brittle and harsh, with the added ‘bonus’ of not getting you nearly as high. But when it comes to therapeutic cannabis, you might want to think twice about binning that dried-out baggie you found down the back of the couch. Research suggests that as THC degrades naturally, the production of CBN increases. CBN has sedative properties that are up to 500% stronger than THC. Hence, older cannabis that’s well past its prime could be the most effective cannabis for aiding restful sleep.

4. Pairing is possible

Combining pharmaceuticals to maximise effectiveness is never a good idea.However, combining organic sleep aids to enjoy an incredible night’s sleep is a different story entirely. In this instance, we’re talking the strategic pairing of bedtime bud with a cup of lavender and camomile tea, or perhaps an organic supplement containing valerian root. Herbal extracts that can and will interact with the cannabis you consume, but in a completely safe and enjoyable way.

5. Cannabis can inhibit dreams

Last but not least, medicinal cannabis has become a hugely popular treatment worldwide among those who suffer from regular nightmares or night terrors.Research has shown that when certain strains of cannabis are used to assist restful sleep, they can significantly inhibit dreams in general. Dreams represent a barrier to a good night’s sleep for millions – a common condition that can be treated safely and effectively with the right cannabis strains.

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