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7 Fascinating Facts About Vaping Cannabis

7 Fascinating Facts About Vaping Cannabis

By Grow How

Despite having once been dubbed little more than a passing fad, vaping is here to stay. Worldwide, more committed cannabis connoisseurs than ever before are reaching for increasingly sophisticated devices to get their fix.

Of course, some will always argue that anything but traditional smoking is an affront to cannabis in general. Nevertheless, research has brought to light some fascinating findings about vaping – irrespective of personal opinions.

So whether you’re part of the vaping movement or vigorously refuse to partake, here’s a rundown of seven fascinating facts about vaping cannabis:

1. Vaping essentially boils the bud

When you smoke cannabis, you set light to the plant as a whole and inhale whatever is produced. This whole-plant consumption method transports all the different terpenes, cannabinoids and chemical compounds into the body. With vaping, the bud is heated only to a temperature sufficient to boil off the essential oils and release them into the vapour. Hence, the effects felt often differ between smoking and vaping the same bud.

2. Vaping cannabis flowers is safer

There’s still much to be learned about the long-term effects of vaping, as an alternative to smoking. However, experts tend to agree that vaping natural cannabis flowers is safer than vaping cannabis oils and manufactured products.The reason being that a variety of additives – often anything but organic – are added to that mix with the latter. So if you’re looking to vape safe, vape bud.

3. Vaping delivers a more consistent effect

As the temperature the bud is heated to when using a vaping device is carefully measured, the resulting hit can be far more consistent. By contrast, cannabis smoked using different devices, lighting tools and so on can be far more or less potent from one hit to the next. Some would argue that variety is very much the spice of life, but others prefer the consistency of vaping.

4. Vaping produces a ‘lighter’ smoke

Technically speaking, vaping doesn’t produce smoke at all. Instead, it produces a vapour, which is free from many of the harmful toxins created when materials of any kind are combusted. This typically means a gentler, less harsh experience on the inhale and exhale alike. Nevertheless, a quality vaping device has the potential to bring all of the unique aromas and flavours out of the cannabis being heated for a maximum enjoyment.

5. Vaping can deliver a more powerful high

A recent study demonstrated the capacity for a quality vaporiser to deliver a more potent high than the same quantity and strength of cannabis smoked the traditional way. Once again, the evidence would seem to suggest that this intensification is the result of carefully extracting the active compounds from the cannabis, without producing various other chemicals and compounds created through combustion.

6. Vaping can be far more economical

Smoking a joint is both ceremonious and enjoyable, but is also one of the least efficient ways of consuming pot. In fact, studies have shown that anywhere from 30% to 50% of the cannabis in a joint simply disappears into thin air. This waste is practically eliminated with a quality vaporiser, maximising both enjoyment and value for money with whatever weed you have.

7. Vaping is ideal for medical cannabis consumption

Last but not least, many medical cannabis patients are not particularly enthused by the idea of inhaling harsh smoke to treat their symptoms. For some, the capacity for cannabis smoke to irritate the airways is enough to steer clear of it entirely. Precisely why the popularity of vaping devices is growing at record-pace in medical cannabis circles. Even if smoking really isn’t your thing, vaping very well could be.

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