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A Taste of the Tropics: Five Fruity Strains You Need in Your Life

A Taste of the Tropics: Five Fruity Strains You Need in Your Life

By Grow How

Most decent cannabis strains are flavourful, but just a select few deliver a true taste of the tropics. More like a hit of tropical fruit punch than a bellyful of smoke, there are some strains that are simply delicious in the extreme. Far from an acquired taste, a solid handful of top-tier strains have become the kinds of crowd-pleasers nobody can deny.

The question being - which are the fruitiest strains out there?

As always, flavour is affected by the quality of the grow. If your cannabis plants are provided with ideal conditions, they’ll produce bud with the best possible flavour profile. Otherwise, the final yield might not be as flavourful as you’d like.

Still, there are some strains that (almost) guarantee the kind of mouth-watering fruity flavour you just can’t get enough of. So for anyone craving a taste of the tropics, the following five fruity strains come highly recommended:

1. Pineapple Express

Right off the bat, Pineapple Express has earned fame and notoriety for more than a handful of reasons. Seth Rogen and James Franco having done wonders for its popularity, but the true appeal of Pineapple Express lies in its flavour. Grab yourself a good batch of this stuff and it’s a little like biting into a fresh hunk of juicy pineapple, paired with a tangy-citrus note that’ll have you coming back for more. It’s also a killer in the THC department, testing regularly for a content of more than 20%.

2. Hawaiian

A relaxing strain that makes the perfect stress-buster, the fragrance of Hawaii isn’t nearly as pungent, but has a ton of fresh fruit on the nose. The smoke is smooth, sweet and seldom results in even the slightest hint of coughing, making it a seriously refreshing strain with a delicate lingering aftertaste. Hawaii is renowned as an excellent daytime smoke, instilling positivity and optimism without impairing mental focus.

3. Cinderella 99

Some call her Cindy - or C99 - but she’s still the same fab n fruity female, whatever you call her. Cinderella 99 is an outstanding specimen for amateur indoor cultivation, producing short, bushy and high-yielding plants after a seriously short flowing period. There’s a distinct citrus-pineapple note to her aroma profile, sometimes with a solid dose of grapefruit and floral tones. It’s a sour and borderline acrid affair, but one that’s strangely compelling and impossible to ignore.

4. Maui Waui

A firm favouring in veteran cannabis circles, Maui Waui has been doing its thing for more than 50 years. Somewhat gentle in the THC department - 10% or so being far from unusual - Maui Waui is great for a controlled and relaxing smoke, which isn’t going to catch the uninitiated off-guard. There’s plenty of spicy lemon on the nose, which translates to an almost Christmassy-spicy flavour on the inhale. It’s rich, it’s decadent and it’s as smooth as it gets.

5. Mango Kush

Last up, no prizes for guessing what Mango Kush brings by the bucketload. Both the aroma and flavour profiles are bursting with juicy mango flavours, underpinned by plenty of pine and a good dose of fresh-dug earth. THC content comes in at around the 15% mark, which is strong enough for a full-body buzz but isn’t going to knock you off your feet. Heavy use of Mango Kush can lead to a sense of blissful laziness and apathy, however, so it’s not to be approached without caution during the day.

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