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How to Deal with Over-Advanced Weed Tolerance

How to Deal with Over-Advanced Weed Tolerance

By Grow How

Contrary to popular belief, it is anything but a good thing when your weed tolerance gets too high. Certainly not the kind of thing to show off about.  Rather than enjoying cannabis, you find yourself in a position where you end up burning through an entire bag in a single sitting and gaining nothing but a dry mouth and an empty wallet.

On the plus side, there’s always a way back. And we aren’t talking about simply increasing the amount of cannabis you use every time, in order to compensate for your OTT tolerance. Instead, there are ways and means to bring your tolerance back under control, without going nuclear.

Even if it seems like a bit of a pain in the backside at the time, the results more than justify the input required.

So if your tolerance has gotten a little out of control, give the following hacks a try as an alternative to feeling sorry for yourself:

1. Smaller dabs, or smaller buds
First up, try to get into the habit of cutting the size of the buds or dabs you pack into your joints and bongs by half. In almost all instances, an excessive tolerance is developed by consuming far more cannabis than you actually need to get high. All this extra doesn’t actually get you higher, but instead simply wastes your weed and intensifies your tolerance. So while it may feel a little stingy and uncomfortable at first, try cutting things down by 50%.

2. Use smaller papers
Likewise, simply switching to smaller papers is a great way of being able to continue smoking as often as you normally would, while at the same time reducing your intake significantly. That said, this isn’t going to work if you then go and pack twice as much weed into every joint you roll. Or for that matter, join a half-dozen papers together and roll joints even bigger than those you would normally roll. Once you get into the habit, it’s easy enough.

3. Buy less
One of the easiest and most effective ways of making these kinds of efforts work is to ensure that you don’t have a spectacular stockpile of cannabis on hand in the first place. Trying to cut down can be incredibly difficult if you are sitting on the kind of stash that could get the whole of the county well and truly baked. It’s the kind of temptation that even the best of us are well and truly powerless against. So unless you grow your own, which isn’t going to make things easy, consider buying less of the stuff in the first place – at least until your tolerance is back under control.

4. Time your smokes
Rather than simply reaching for a pipe or joint at random intervals throughout the day, create something of a stoner schedule to work with for the time being.  There’s really no reason why you can’t smoke once in the morning, once in the afternoon and once again in the evening and hold onto your high for the entire day. In a lot of cases, smoking continuously throughout the day doesn’t actually have a difference on the high you maintain – it simply has an effect on your tolerance.

5. Take a tolerance break
Last but not least, the fastest and most effective way of getting your tolerance back under control is of course to take a tolerance break. Unfortunately, this is also the kind of nuclear option most stoners wouldn’t even consider. The thing is though, you really only need to cut cannabis out of your life for one or two weeks of the most, in order to reset your tolerance back to that of a first-timer.  And when you think back to that first mind-blowing time you got well and truly high…well, is a fortnight’s abstinence really too heavy a price to pay?





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