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Anti-Cannabis Campaigners’ Low-Blow in Massachusetts

Anti-Cannabis Campaigners’ Low-Blow in Massachusetts

By Grow How

It won’t be long before a further nine US states hit the ballot boxes and determine the future of cannabis. Five states are voting on recreational pot and four will be having their say on the medical stuff. Over in Massachusetts, it’s recreational pot that’s headed for the vote, with early signs suggesting things could go the way of the pro-pot crowd…at last.


However, the more the balance seems to tip in favour of advocates, the more those on the other side of the argument are resorting to dirty tactics. It’s one thing to have your own opinions on pot – nobody can take those away from you. But when you start telling outright lies that have absolutely no factual grounding to them whatsoever, you have to wonder what on Earth they’re thinking.


And that, ladies and gentles, is exactly what the Massachusetts anti-pot crowd is doing right now.


Vitriolic Video
So with things looking like they’re heading the way of the ‘yes’ camp in Massachusetts, one of the most prominent anti-cannabis campaign groups has just launched the ultimate salvo. It came from Jamestown Associates in the form of a piece of propaganda that’s so ridiculous, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was actually a spoof. Something you’d more likely see on a sketch show on TV.


But no…the video entitled ‘Neigborhoods’ has been engineered to completely and utterly mislead those who may be on the fence about cannabis legalisation. The long and short of it being that the video paints a picture of a future for Massachusetts, where weed is legal and is being used en-masse. But rather than showing things for how they really are, it’s all exaggerated to the point of lunacy.


First of all, the video (predictably) features a mother and her young daughter, who are meandering around a wasteland that used to be a pleasant place. All the shops have closed down and been replaced by cannabis stores, the streets are grey and filthy, everyone around is smoking pot and there’s apparently been a devastating spike in car accidents. It’s every bit the post-apocalyptic wasteland and 100% of the blame is thrown the way of pot.


Moving on a little, the women’s young daughter then finds herself enamoured by the bright and colourful cannabis edibles in display in a store window, which of course has her mother worried sick. Just for added impact, the cannabis store in question just so happens to be ‘realistically’ placed next to a toy store – one of the few stores not to have closed down…which is convenient. And just when you think it’s all peaked, out wanders the woman’s young son carrying a bong.


Misleading Information
The thing is, if we had no frame of reference with regard to what can be expected if/when pot is given the green light, this kind of speculation might be understandable. But we have, and so it just isn’t…not even a bit. After all, is this the way things are looking in Colorado right now? Washington? Alaska? Of course not – the legalisation of pot in a number of states has so far brought about nothing but positives.


Car accidents on the up, more cannabis dispensaries that McDonald’s and Starbucks combined – complete and utter fabrication that doesn’t even come close to the truth. Which in the current state of things adds up to a big problem, as it’s still too close to call the result in Massachusetts.


Feel free to check out the video for yourself at the link below and make your own mind up.


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