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Blue Dream Becomes America’s Best-Selling Weed…But Why?

Blue Dream Becomes America’s Best-Selling Weed…But Why?

By Grow How

Right now, record quantities of cannabis are being bought and sold across Colorado and Washington. Since recreational use of pot was decriminalised, strains like Durban Poison, Blueberry, Sour Diesel and OK Kush have been causing a serious stir and selling like hot cakes…as it were. But at the same time, there’s one particular strain that’s standing head and shoulders above all others in terms of both popularity and sales.


In both Washington and Colorado, Blue Dream is outselling every other strain of cannabis by an enormous margin.


The figures from Washington show that Blue Dream is doubling the performance of its closest rival, Cherry OG. Over in Colorado, Durban Poison takes runner-up position but is still a full 50% behind Blue Dream in terms of sales. The sativa-dominant hybrid originating in Northern California is clearly proving to be an absolute barnstormer from a retail perspective, but what is it about Blue Dream that’s making it such an unstoppable success story?


Given the fact that there’s such enormous variety up for grabs, how is it that this one strain is outpacing every other by leaps and bounds?


The Total Package
Well, the answer is quite simply that Blue Dream really is a dream come true in every way. It ticks all the right boxes from both the perspective of the seller and the buyer, making it a superb choice irrespective of your interests.


In specifics, there are five reasons why Blue Dream has emerged as the choice of a new generation of cannabis producers and users, which are as follows:


It is outstanding weed in every way. Along with looking absolutely gorgeous, it has the most mouth-watering berry fragrance and delivers a beautifully fruity flavour that’s moreish to say the least. Not only this, but the Sativa-dominant high combines cerebral stimulation with deep relaxation, while a THC concentration of around 18% ensures it packs a serious punch.


Blue Dream has also earned an extremely admirable reputation for itself in medicinal circles, due to its ability to deliver a high that’s intense but in no way overpowering. From menstrual cramps to migraines to depression to anxiety, Blue Dream has proved to be a dream come true for thousands of medicinal cannabis users across Washington and Colorado.


From a cultivation perspective, Blue Dream is one of the easiest strains to grow in controlled indoor environments. Along with being a fast-grower and incredibly resilient in general, it is also known for delivering outstanding yields on a per-square-meter basis. When it comes to providing growers with a solid return on their investment, there are few strains that are proving to be a bigger hit than Blue Dream – if any.


It’s also safe to say that word on the street is helping Blue Dream make a name for itself too. There are literally thousands of reviews doing the rounds right now that sing the praises of Blue Dream – you’d be hard-pressed to find so much as a single negative comment about it. From seasoned stoners to newcomers to growers to suppliers to medical cannabis users, it’s pretty clear that everyone taking the time to experience Blue Dream rates it as an experience not to be missed.


Last but not least, another clear reason why Blue Dream is becoming the ultimate success story across the United States is the simple fact that there is so much of it. The people want it, the producers are producing it at record-pace and the result is massive availability all over the place. Which means that just as long as the cycle continues, it’s largely inevitable that Blue Dream will continue to be the market-leader.


If all of this hasn’t convinced you that you really need to try out Blue Dream for yourself…nothing will!



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