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Bong Breath: Don’t Kick up a Stink

Bong Breath: Don’t Kick up a Stink

By Grow How

It’s common knowledge that cannabis isn’t nearly as harmful as tobacco. Nor does it have the same addictive properties. Nevertheless, one of the most unfortunate side-effects that accompanies smoking tobacco also affects millions of cannabis users worldwide:

Bad breath.

Truth is, smoking absolutely any substance whatsoever significantly increases your likelihood of developing bad breath. Weed breath might not be quite as foul as tobacco breath, but it’s not exactly attractive.

The problem being that when you inhale smoke, you do a number on the natural moisture of your mouth, your throat and your airways in general. The drier things become, the more likely you are to start kicking up a stink. Plus it’s no secret that cannabis can trigger a biblical case of cotton-mouth in no time at all.

Guilty as Charged?

One of the most unfortunate things about bad breath is how you end up being the last one to find out. If you can smell something funky on your breath, chances are it’s out of the ordinary and you can quickly do something about it.Most of the time however, chronic breath issues are completely undetectable by the person affected.

Everyone else experiences your bad breath both barrels while you’re completely oblivious to the whole thing.

As for warning signs, the social issues that accompany bad breath are usually easy to spot. In addition, you may suffer from regular bouts of dry mouth, your lips may become dry, dental plaque could build up on your teeth and so on. If you note any of these things happening, you might not be quite as fresh as you think you are.

How to Avoid Bong Breath

The good news being that there’s plenty you can do to reverse or even prevent the problem from setting in. So if you’re worried you might be kicking up a stink for those around you, here’s how to avoid bong breath without resorting to extremes:

Keep your gear as clean as possible

Ask yourself - when was the last time you gave your pipes, bongs and general paraphernalia a good clean? Germs and bacteria spread like wildfire in unwashed smoking gear. All of which can do a number on your oral health and hygiene. If you’re breathing through a pipe or bong that’s pretty revolting, you need to think about what this could be doing to your breath. Try to get yourself into better hygiene habits, for the sake of you and everyone else.

Consider Switching to Edibles

Smoking in general is one of the most common causes of chronic bad breath.Hence, the easiest way to combat or prevent smoke-related bad breath is to stop smoking. In the case of cannabis, this doesn’t have to mean in any way compromising your enjoyment. You could switch to edibles, or perhaps try a vaporizer. Vape pens still have the capacity to dry the throat and mouth, but not nearly to the same harsh extent as a bong-load of heavy smoke. You don’t need to quit smoking entirely, but perhaps consider cutting down on bringing something else into the mix.

Chew gum

Chewing sugar-free gum gets to work on bad breath in two ways. First of all, the minty flavour is great for temporarily masking the nasty smells coming from within. Secondly, the chewing action triggers the production of a torrent of saliva, ensuring your mouth stays moist and fresh at all times.

Stay hydrated

Last but not least, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the importance of hydration when out to avoid dry mouth. The higher you get, the more likely you are to forget to cover important things like fluid intake. Particularly if you then go and pass out for 15 hours, during which time not a drop of liquid passes your lips. Rather than accepting dry mouth for what it is, do what you can to combat it with sufficient fluid intake. And by fluid intake, we mean water – not a bucket of mouth-drying booze.

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