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Bong Water: It’s Grosser Than You Think

Bong Water: It’s Grosser Than You Think

By Grow How

Recently…or a while back…we published a piece on the horrific practice of drinking bong water. A nasty ritual that’s enough to turn the stomach of any stoner with a modicum of common sense. You’d need gallons of the stuff to take in enough THC to get you high, which just isn’t going to happen.

Today, we thought we’d revisit the subject from a slightly different angle. All in the name of getting maximum enjoyment from your bong, without making yourself sick. There’s something oddly alluring about a bong that’s clearly been used and abused thousands of times, but keeping things clean and sanitary really should be your priority.

Why You Should Clean Your Bong

Finding the motivation to clean a bong can be difficult at the best of times. The best time to clean a bong is right after a heavy session, but this is also the least likely time you’ll actually do it. If nothing else, you might want to think about emptying the water from your bong after each use, in order to be replaced with fresh water next time around.

Why does it matter? For the simple reason that not only is using a filthy bong unhygienic, it can actually be hazardous to your health.

‘Seasoned’ bong water can add its own unique flavour profile to your weed. It can also make even the highest-quality bud taste like a rotten dustbin. The whole flavour aspect is purely a case of personal preference - whatever floats your boat. Nevertheless, smoking weed through a bong filled with dirty water means inhaling a whole bunch of things you would probably prefer not to inhale.

Not only is smoking out of dirty bong water unsanitary, but it also can be dangerous.

The Health Risks of Dirty Bong Water

Here’s an easy way to understand the potential health implications of dirty bong water. Consider any time you’ve been in close proximity to a stagnant pond on a hot day. Think of the smell, the scum, the mould, the algae and all those millions of insects doing their thing. The perfect environment for bacteria and bugs, but chances are you’d prefer to avoid all contact with this infested water.

Now, it’s not to say that dirty bong water left for a few days is quite as bad as a pond festering in the sun for days on end. Nevertheless, it can still provide the perfect habitat for bacteria and viruses to thrive.

It only takes a couple of days to see a visible film forming on the surface of dirty bong water. In scientific terms, it’s called a biofilm - something that is in no way good for your health. What you’re basically looking at is a prime breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and the kinds of microorganisms that can make you very sick indeed.

When you come into contact with anything you suspect to be infested with bacteria, viruses, germs and so on, you instinctively give your hands a good wash. With dirty bong water, you’re literally stirring up billions of these nasties, breathing them deeply into your lungs and holding them in for as long as possible. All of which can increase the risk of pneumonia, chest infections and any number of respiratory conditions.

Clean Bong, Happy Bong

It may all come across as pretty alarmist and chances are you won’t fall victim to such a fate. Nevertheless, you could also argue that simply changing your bong water after each use is a small price to pay to avoid these consequences entirely.

And just to reemphasise, drinking bong water - even on a dare - really is one of the most revolting and pointless things you can do.

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Charles Brodie 6 months ago at 5:26 AM
Very nice article alot of helpful news
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