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Will Brexit Have Any Impact on Marijuana Policy?

Will Brexit Have Any Impact on Marijuana Policy?

By Grow How

So it’s become abundantly clear at this stage that the United Kingdom will at some point in the future no longer be a member of the European Union. In order to avoid sparking frenzied debate, we are not for the time being going to get into the matter of whether or not it is the best or worst thing to happen to Great Britain in generations. We’ll leave that for you to thrash out.


Nevertheless, there is one question on the lips of hundreds of thousands of people across Europe right now – what exactly will the Brexit vote mean for cannabis legalisation? Are we looking at something that will set things back unbearably, or could it actually steer things in the right direction?


Well, for the time being at least absolutely nothing is expected to change. The reason being that while it officially takes two years to divorce the EU, experts believe it could take anywhere between six and ten years for the exit to happen.  And even when it does, it’s highly unlikely that it will make any difference for most of us anyway. Generally speaking, the European desire to approach and handle cannabis in a more proactive, responsible and sensible manner remains as strong as ever. In fact, it has long been the United Kingdom that has had one of the strongest and most ridiculously archaic attitudes to cannabis of all European countries.


Exactly what the United Kingdom decides to do in terms of Europe is unlikely to have any effect whatsoever on most European countries’ attitudes to cannabis.


But what about back home?


Well, given the way that things have been going ever since the Conservatives got into power, it certainly didn’t look as if any kind of proactive discussion with regard to the legalisation of cannabis was ever going to happen. Even with all the scientific evidence in the world and recommendations from leading experts, the government nonetheless made clear its intention to continue classifying cannabis as the devil’s lettuce.


Going forward however, there is one potentially bright spark on the horizon for cannabis users, though one that doesn’t come without its consequences. Or at least, consequences depending on your own personal political views.


Never in the history of British leadership has there been a figure that has divided the public quite as convincingly as Boris Johnson. While some consider him to be nothing less than the saviour of a country heading down the wrong road, others believe him to be quite simply the antichrist. Nevertheless, Bo-Jo has at least made it clear on a couple of occasions that as far as he’s concerned, it would make sense for the United Kingdom to decriminalise cannabis and take proactive steps toward a more sensible and liberal future drug policy.


The big question being – does this and this alone represent enough for him to deserve your support?


Once again, this isn’t the kind of debate we’ll be throwing our own two cents into right now.


Still, one thing we have definitely learned from the aftermath of Brexit is that when it comes to public pressure, the government tends to have quite selective hearing to say the least. Even with over 3 million people having signed a petition for a referendum rerun, huge protests on the streets of London and the leave party having admitted their campaign was full of lies, they’ve made it clear a second vote just isn’t going to happen.


For the third and final time, whether or not this is a good or bad thing is entirely up to you – we’re going to remain diplomatic and political to stay out of trouble!







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