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Caffeine and Cannabis – A Match Made in Heaven?

Caffeine and Cannabis – A Match Made in Heaven?

By Grow How

For so many cannabis connoisseurs, weed and coffee go together like…well, weed and coffee! It’s not often that any combination of drugs earns the recommendation of true experts – weed and alcohol being a prime indicator of why. But when it comes to cannabis and coffee, it’s almost as if you really are looking at a truly ideal symbiosis.


Is this the case?


Well, the one thing we know about weed and cannabis is that the two are being brought together more frequently and readily than ever before. This is particularly true in the America - many regions having changed the law on who can and cannot buy weed seeds in the United States and begin experimenting at home. Home growers and bigger brands alike are coming up with endless weed edibles and drinks which combine cannabis with caffeine. The question being – is it really a good idea?


As far as the experts are concerned, it’s a hugely interesting premise as caffeine and THC are known to mix on a neurochemical level. Or at least, that’s the theory – basically meaning that when the two come together, they do something to the brain and body that neither would be able to do on its own right. Essentially, the combination creates a totally new drug. However, there are also theories to suggest that when used in tandem, caffeine and THC can have a detrimental effect on a person’s memory.


It’s also interesting to note that when looked at it from a purely medicinal perspective, caffeine is a powerful stimulant while cannabis is a depressant. Which in turn means that the two compounds being ingested are doing the exact opposite of one another. Caffeine prevents sleepiness by getting the brain’s neurons all fired up – cannabis does its business by doing the exact opposite. So it’s hardly surprising that mixing the two can have such a unique effect.


There was an interesting (if slightly immoral) experiment carried out on monkeys a while back, which set out to determine exactly what the story was with caffeine and cannabis. Broken down into the simplest terms, it was basically a case of providing the monkeys with two options – they could choose to receive THC, or THC mixed with a soluble form of caffeine. This was then followed by a period when neither of the two were available, after which the two options were returned.


If was found that the monkeys that had chosen the THC and caffeine mix seemed far more inclined to pull the string and get their hit more often than those choosing only THC. Which led experts to believe that when caffeine and cannabis are mixed, cravings become stronger and cutting down becomes more difficult.


Of course, it’s not the kind of study that really offers any conclusive insights – the fact that it’s one of the only studies of its kind is quite bizarre to say the least. Which makes it very difficult to know where to stand when it comes to the whole caffeine and cannabis thing. Technically speaking, to indulge in two drugs at the same time that have the exact opposite effects sounds totally counterproductive. But in reality, it’s not as if one simply cancels the other out – it’s an odd symbiosis that seems to work differently with most people.


Which is pretty much where the only realistic conclusion lies – whatever works for you. If caffeine and cannabis represent the ideal mix for you and have no specific downside, go for it. On the other hand, if you find yourself feeling nothing short of weird after mixing them, you might want to decide which way you want to go (faster or slower) and stick with it!


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