If cannabis is your thing, why not set your sights on a cannabis career?

Contrary to popular belief, the cannabis industry isn’t nearly as difficult to break into as you might think. In fact, there are more job openings in weed-legal markets worldwide than ever before. Competition for the highest-profile positions is ferocious, but actually getting that initial foot in the door is relatively simple.

Unfortunately, far too many cannabis career hopefuls make the same mistake along the way. That being, to assume that just because you are a committed stoner means you’re automatically qualified for the job.

If you’re serious about breaking into the cannabis industry, you need to take things seriously from the start. With this in mind, here’s a brief overview of just a few helpful tips and guidelines for landing your first job in the fledgling cannabis industry:

Decide on a direction
First up, you’ll need to think carefully about exactly where you want your cannabis career to take you. Are you interested in getting into cultivation and production? Are you more about budtending? Does the culinary side of cannabis interest you more?

As with all industries and sectors, it’s not enough to simply want ‘a cannabis job’ and expect to walk into one. You need to think about where you want to be five years from now, along with the journey needed to get there. If you’re lucky enough to get an interview, you’ll almost definitely be quizzed on your long-term goals in the cannabis industry.

Focus on your strengths
There’s a good chance you’ve already got one or more skills of use to cannabis employers. It’s worth remembering that cannabis careers aren’t all about working directly with cannabis and related products. This is also an industry that counts on web designers and developers, sales and marketing teams, accountants, business analysts and so on.

Again, it’s a case of choosing the right direction for your career in accordance with your strengths. If you’ve absolutely no knowledge or experience in the cultivation side of cannabis whatsoever, aim for something else.

Be professional from the start
By professional, we mean conducting yourself in a respectful manner at all times. All job applications and interviews should be approached with the same level of professionalism as would be expected elsewhere.

Turning up stoned to an interview or penning a poor-quality application being prime examples of what not to do. Irrespective of how relaxed and generally awesome the employer may be, they’re probably not on the lookout for just another generic stoner to add to their ranks.

Ask Questions
If there’s a specific employer you’d like to work for, asking questions is never a bad idea. Rather than simply assuming you know how to work your way into their employ, get in touch and ask how the whole thing works. Ask about job openings, potential candidate profiles and what you need to do to take the next step.

They’re unlikely to offer you a job on the spot, but could give you some major pointers regarding how to attract their attention.

Never stop learning
Last but not least, it’s essential to avoid the all-too common mistake of assuming you’re already an expert. Irrespective of how much you know, there’s always a ton more to learn. Which also means that while waiting for your dream job to come along, there’s probably something you could be doing to improve your knowledge.

Again, it’s worth remembering that competition for the highest-profile positions in the cannabis industry is ferocious. Entry-level posts are simple enough to come by, but you need to take things a step further to climb the ladder. In any case, assuming cannabis really is your thing, studying up on the whole thing should be a wholly enjoyable experience.

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