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Cannabis for Dogs: Passing Fad or Mass-Market Potential?

Cannabis for Dogs: Passing Fad or Mass-Market Potential?

By Grow How

As cannabis reform sweeps vast swathes of Europe, it seems it isn’t only us humans who stand to reap the rewards. On the medical side of things, cannabis has been improving and even saving countless lives across the continent for many years. But it’s only as of late that cannabis products have been used to treat a variety of common conditions in canines.

That’s right – pot for pets looks set to be the next big thing.

In terms of whether or not you should feed your dog cannabis products, the jury is well and truly out. Given the rather glaring lack of focused research, you’d be hard pressed to find a responsible vet willing to recommend (yet alone prescribe) cannabis products for dogs.

That said, it’s hard to overlook the mountain of anecdotal evidence form pet owners and experts alike worldwide. Ask those who’ve tried cannabis products for pets and most will tell you they’re in a class of their own.

Still, it’s a decision not to be taken lightly and a debate that’s not going anywhere in the near future. But in terms of the possible benefits of pot for pets, there are certain conditions and issues that are known to respond particularly well to CBD-based supplements.

The following five being the most prominent of all:

1. General Pain Relief

It’s no secret that CBD in carefully measured doses can have a powerful effect on chronic pain. All without any of the side-effects or risks associated with conventional pain-killers. As far as a growing number of experts are concerned, it’s no different with dogs, either. CBD has the capacity to provide dogs with effective and on-going pain-relief, with no side-effects or risks whatsoever. Or so argue pet owners by the thousands, who now regularly provide their pooches with CBD products for pain-management.

2. Treatment of Strains and Sprains

One of the most common applications for CBD in human is for the treatment of inflammation and related conditions. From sprains to strains to arthritis to chronic muscle inflammation, medical cannabis is known to get to work quickly, effectively and with no unpleasant side-effects. Dogs by their very nature are prone to developing problematic inflammation – particularly by way of strains and sprains. Treated with CBD supplements, inflammation and pain can be significantly reduced, accelerating the healing process as a result.

3. Anxiety Treatment

Dogs are just as prone to anxiety as human beings. Once again, there’s extensive anecdotal evidence to suggest that CBD medicines have the potential to quickly and effectively reduce feelings of anxiety in dogs. Pet owners in growing numbers turn to CBD products to relax and calm their dogs when travelling, to treat separation anxiety and so on. Again, with results that go far beyond those of conventional treatments.

4. Seizure & Epilepsy Treatment

Medical cannabis has transformed the lives of thousands of epilepsy sufferers worldwide. Evidence suggests that there’s no reason why it cannot do exactly the same for dogs. Epilepsy is a surprisingly common condition in dogs of all breeds, which can often prove fatal if left unaddressed. Conventional epilepsy treatments for dogs can be effective to an extent, though often present a variety of unpleasant side-effects.

5. Appetite Stimulator

Last but not least, The National Cancer Institute has stated in no uncertain terms that cannabis represents a viable treatment for poor appetite. Where dogs face bouts of poor appetite due to illness or treatments they may be undergoing, CBD pet products could do the trick. Hard evidence remains thin on the ground, but anecdotal evidence among pet owners paints a pretty clear picture of the benefits of cannabis supplements.

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