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Cannabis-Infused Oil – Your New Favourite Condiment

Cannabis-Infused Oil – Your New Favourite Condiment

By Grow How

The way we see it, the very best homemade cannabis products are those that you can use in as many ways as possible. Brownies, cakes and cookies are all well and good, but at the same time aren’t what you’d call particularly versatile. Which is precisely why we figured we’d share with you the kind of recipe you’ll find yourself coming back to time after time, not to mention using it for a thousand different things.


If you’re yet to try the wonder that is cannabis-infused olive oil for yourself, you’re way overdue a serious treat!


One Concoction, a Million Uses

When you think about it, the kind of stuff you can do with a batch of gorgeous weed-infused olive oil is pretty limitless to say the least. Consider the flavour profile of your favourite bud and the sky really is the limit when it comes to possible uses. Drizzled on a pizza, used as a base for a basil pesto, made into any number of salad dressings – pretty much anywhere you’d usually use decent olive oil, you can use this instead.


The only difference being that it won’t only be fantastic flavour you get out of the deal!


So whether harvesting your own babies you started from weed seeds USA or picking up a batch from elsewhere, here’s how to put at least a little of your crop to the kind of good use you’ll never regret:



First of all, feel free to be as creative as you like and don’t be scared to chop and change things up a little. If you want it a little more potent, you know what to do. If you know what you’re doing with flavours, feel free to throw in any other herbs, spices and general bits and pieces as you see fit. This is basically just the very basic list of ingredients and method, so going a little bit off the rails comes highly recommended!


  • 30 grams of marijuana
  • 3 ½ cups of olive oil
  • A sieve and cheesecloth


First of all, you’ll want to take your bud and give it a seriously good grinding. Really get busy with it – if it comes out practically like powder, even better. The better you grind it up, the better it will mix with the oil and let all its niceness out during preparation. If you have an old bud that’s gone a bit dry lying around, it’s perfect for the job.


Next up, put the oil into a suitable pan and start warming it up over a gentle heat. You need it to reach a simmering temperature, but under no circumstances boil it heavily. It’s not only dangerous to do so, but it will completely destroy your bud at the same time. If it’s too hot or bubbling frantically, take it off the heat and give it some time to cool a little.


When you’re satisfied that the temperature is just about right, it’s time to add your bud. At this stage, it’s worth dropping a tiny bit in first to see how it reacts. If it sizzles like mad and basically fries to a crisp in an instant, it’s way too hot. Don’t go throwing it all in together and risk wasting the lot. After adding the cannabis, give it all a good stir and reduce the heat further if necessary.


You’ll need to leave it cooking for approximately two hours, though be sure to keep an eye on it and keep tabs on the temperature. Give it all a good stir every few minutes if possible as this will really help with the infusion.


When it’s done, take it off the heat and give it another hour or so to cool (depending on how much you make). By this time, all the good stuff from the weed will have made its way out into the oil, which means you can get rid of all the bits and pieces. This is where a cheese cloth or fine strainer comes into the equation, which should be used to filter the oil into a jug.


Last up, choose an appropriate bottle that can be sealed tightly and pour in your new favourite condiment.


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