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Cannabis plants spotted around public flowerbeds!

Cannabis plants spotted around public flowerbeds!

By SeedSupreme

A group of activists pushing for the legalisation of cannabis have been secretly planting cannabis around the public flowerbeds in Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire. The activists are calling themselves Welwyn Garden City Cannabis Club and are determined to bring to public attention just how ludicrous is it to keep such a useful and harmless plant like cannabis illegal.



The Welwyn Hatfield Times said: "These plants are the work of local guerilla activists as part of a movement which believes cannabis should be available for medical and recreational use, that we utilise and legalise hemp and replace our polyplastics industry and fossil fuel dependency."


Luna Tokes; the activists' spokesperson said: "We are here to raise awareness of the medical benefits of cannabis and the dangers of legal and pharmaceutical drugs."


It definitely seem to be working, and bringing attention to a problem that has plagued societies the world over.


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