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Cannabis Topicals Could Replace Bongs and Brownies

Cannabis Topicals Could Replace Bongs and Brownies

By Grow How

If you could get high simply by rubbing lotion into your skin rather than smoking or vaping cannabis, would you be interested? Chances are, the answer for most seasoned stoners is a firm and convincing…no way.  That is, unless in the kind of a scenario where this was the only available option for getting baked.

But how about those on the opposite end of the spectrum who rely on cannabis for medical purposes? What if it was possible to medicate without brownies and bongs ever coming into the equation?

Given the enormous size and importance of the cannabis industry in the United States, it’s hardly surprising that innovation has hit overdrive. Last year, the legal cannabis sector in North America generated sales worth approximately $6.7 billion. Impressive enough, but no more than a drop in the well when considering the $46 billion worth of sales chalked up by the illegal cannabis trade.

Still, with the way things are going right now, it’s only a matter of time before cannabis – at least for medical purposes – is legalised across the entire country.  So it’s hardly surprising that so many businesses, developers and inventors all over the place are working hard to stake their claim to new gadgets and delivery methods for the fast-growing industry.

One example of which being RMR Laboratories, which is currently working on the kind of technology which apparently provides “Injection-like delivery of cannabis through your skin with a cream.” Which would effectively mean the ability to benefit from the full effects of your chosen cannabis strain, without having to inhale or eat so much as a scrap of the stuff.

Yet another success story attributed to crowdfunding, RMR Labs has confidently stated that the technology works, is comprehensively patented and could serve as a pivotal game-changer for the industry as a whole. Inspiration for the new delivery method having come from the widespread desire among medical cannabis users to find alternative consumption methods than smoking or eating cannabis.

While smoking a joint or taking a bong hit isn’t always convenient, eating cannabis doesn’t always agree with medical marijuana patients, either.

“We developed the first and only line of cannabis topicals using a pharmaceutical technology that can deliver cannabis through the skin,” the company explained.

But what’s even more compelling about the whole thing is the way in which RMR Labs claims to be able to offer targeted and effective treatments for a wide variety of conditions. For example, while one topical treatment may be ideally suited to the relief of arthritis-related pain, another could be used to improve sexual performance and satisfaction.

Again – all without having to go anywhere near a joint or cannabis edible.

While this may take some of the enjoyment and ceremony out of the equation for a lot of cannabis connoisseurs, experts nonetheless believe it is a concept that has spectacular potential. Despite the fact that RMR Labs is only just getting off the ground, they’ve managed to build a sales pipeline worth more than $2 million and are expecting enormous growth over the coming years.  Given that legal cannabis in the United States will accrue more than $25 billion in annual sales by the end of the current decade, it’s hardly surprising that RMR Labs are working hard to secure their piece of the pie.

Still, with various issues like licensing, regulation, laboratory testing, distribution and so on to factor in, it could be some time before RMR Labs’ products hit the shelves in stores near you.


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