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Cannabis Trimming: Man Vs Machine

Cannabis Trimming: Man Vs Machine

By Grow How

Depending on whom you ask, it’s one of the most enjoyable or lamented jobs of all when cultivating cannabis.

For some, trimming is all part and parcel of the ceremony. Not to mention, part of the excitement for planning and prepping the enjoyment to follow. For others, it’s an inconvenience only endured because it has to be. If there was some way of avoiding the trimming process, they would.

In any case, it’s a necessity that can make the difference between an ultra-smooth smoke and a harsh cough-inducing pull. So it has to be done, but there are two options on the table for taking care of it:

Hand trimming and machine trimming.

What Is Hand Trimming?

As the name quite rightly suggests, hand trimming is the process of removing as many unwanted leaves as possible from cannabis flowers by hand. It’s the way cannabis flowers have been trimmed throughout history and remains the preferred approach for millions.

Perhaps the single biggest benefit of hand trimming is the complete control you have over accuracy and consistency. If you want to produce the most beautiful buds possible and enjoy a smooth smoke, hand trimming could be the way to go. You don’t need any specialist equipment to get the job done and it’s the perfect opportunity to inspect your buds and keep an eye out for any possible issues along the way.

On the downside, it can take a considerable amount of time to meticulously trim just a single large cannabis plant. So if you’re dealing with dozens of the things, it can be quite an undertaking to say the least.
Laborious, time-consuming and less than inspiring for some, it’s a pretty big job and one that demands your complete focus from start to finish.

What Is Machine Trimming?

Likewise, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what ‘machine trimming’ refers to. These days, it costs next to nothing to order a basic electronic trimming machine online, which can then be used to tackle your cannabis plants.

As you’d expect, the biggest advantage of machine trimming is the speed and simplicity of getting the job done. There are some machines at the very top of the table that can process around 9kg of cannabis flowers per hour. Hence, they’re the tools of choice for some of the world’s biggest and busiest cannabis producers. Even at something of a DIY home-grower level, a machine trimmer can reduce effort and save time in the extreme.

On to the disadvantages, the first is the potential for a machine trimmer to also do a number on the cannabis flowers themselves. Depending on the quality of the trimmer used, there’s a higher risk of damage being caused to the buds along the way. Not to mention, potentially heavy trichome loss. Unless you’re happy to pay top-dollar for a professional-grade trimmer, it just isn’t going to get the job done as accurately or consistently as the manual alternative.

So…Which is Best?

As is usually the case, it’s up to you to decide which way to go.

If you genuinely cannot be bothered with the DIY option and you don’t mind at least some of your buds getting a bit mangled, bag yourself a machine trimmer and go for it. Likewise, if you’re willing to pay a hefty price for one of the most advanced trimmers on the market, it could save you a lot of time and effort.

But if quality and consistency matter more than an easy ride, hand trimming comes highly recommended. Try to enjoy the trimming process as an integral part of the ceremony of cultivating and consuming cannabis – all efforts being repaid when the time is right!

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