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The articles on this blog are provided strictly for educational purposes only. Please abide by and follow the laws in your country.
Varying Water Quantities During Your Grow
As is the case with all life on earth, marijuana plants need water to survive.  Likewise,...
Using a Different Growing Medium for Cannabis
All cannabis cultivators have their own favourite growing mediums. Just as all seasoned cannabis...
Playing with Lighting Cycles whilst Growing Marijuana
To what extent should you play around with lighting cycles whilst growing marijuana? If looking...
Excessive Amounts of Nitrogen When Growing Marijuana
It’s a common set of symptoms, encountered by millions of amateur cannabis cultivators...
Carbon Dioxide Deprivation
The introduction (or deprivation) of carbon dioxide is a contentious subject among cannabis growers. While some swear by the provision of additional CO2, others insist carbon dioxide deprivation...
Cannabis Oxygen Deprivation
Oxygen contributes heavily to the strength and resilience of cannabis plants, optimising...
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