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The articles on this blog are provided strictly for educational purposes only. Please abide by and follow the laws in your country.
Nine Out of Ten Americans Support Cannabis Legalization
The results of a new study suggest that most Americans support recreational cannabis...
Top 8 Halloween Strains
We've searched through the best breeders and carefully selected the most spine tingling strains.
Johnny Cash High In a Bush Eating Cake
Johnny Cash was well known for his weed smoking, and he got incredibly high one day and decided...
Frodo and his Pipe Weed
If you were in Lord of The Rings, you'd be like, I ain't going to Mordor. I'm just gonna sit here and smoke ma pipe weed. Silly Frodo.
Master The Elements With Marijuana
You too can become Captain Planet if you stop to appreciate the subtle elements of your everyday...
Fuel, Paper, Housing, Inspiration, Textiles, Food, Oil
Cannabis in both male and female forms is an extraordinary commodity. For centuries it has been...
The Care Bear That Doesn't Fuckin' Care
Breaking news! It has recently come to light that there was in fact an extra Care Bear that...
By The Way Bring The Weed
Cannabis, also known as marijuana, pot, mary jane and many other names, is a preparation of the...
This Guy Makes Smoking Look Cool
Does anyone know who took this photograph? It's amazing. Not to mention the guy looks like a...
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