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Cooking with Pot – Five Tips You Need in Your Life

Cooking with Pot – Five Tips You Need in Your Life

By Grow How

We’re getting to a point these days where cooking with weed isn’t something that’s done only in shady back-alley basements and never gets talked about. We’ve all eaten the stuff and we’ve all tossed the odd bud in a recipe here and there, but what about using weed to cook up something that’s about more than getting high?


Play your cards right and a solid weed dish will not only get you high as hell, it’ll also be one of the most epic meals you’ve ever eaten in your life. It’s just a case of knowing what to do with the stuff and how best to get started – the following tips should point you in the right direction:


1 – Solubility

A bit of science to start off with – pot is not soluble in water, but is in fact soluble. Or in other words, dropping buds in water hoping to make tea will do pretty much nothing but ruin your bud…it’s a waste of time. Instead, you should think about cooking something up that’ll give you opportunity to see your weed in some oil, butter or another high-fat dairy product. This will help bring the THC out of the stuff, making sure it’s not just a case of the meal doing nothing for you and the now-disgusting soggy buds blowing your head off.


2 – Careful Measurements

When you’re just getting started in this game, it’s important to work out how much weed you and those you’re feeding can handle when eating the stuff. Pack in too much and you’ll probably never want to try cooking with pot again, so it’s better to start out light and easy and then increase things next time if necessary. As a rule of thumb, pot cuisine gurus suggest using about half a gram of bud per person as an upper limit, at least for your first couple of times at bat.


3 – Forget the Sprinkles

There will always be those for whom the whole concept of cooking with weed comes down to little more than chopping up some buds and sprinkling them on top of anything. In reality, this is not only pretty lazy but also a guaranteed way of making what you cook taste like crap and ensuring that everyone you eat with gets a totally different strength of high. Of course there’s nothing to say you can’t do this if you want to…millions do…but this isn’t cooking with weed – it’s just eating weed and food at the same time.


4 – Awesome Sauces

If you’re not totally up to speed on how to make weed dishes that don’t just taste like…well, weed, think about knocking together a sauce or two. One of the best recipes of all you really should try out is that of hammering together something of a weed-based pesto. You’ll need to heat the oil to get the goodness out of the bud, but other than this isn’t the same basil, cheese and pine nut recipe. A few spoons added to a creamy pasta dish with a hunk of chicken – pure heaven!


5 – Temperature

Last but not least, if you’re gonna cook with weed and you want to get it right, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and buy a thermometer. The reason being that even though some heat is needed to get the THC out of the stuff, anything higher than 170 degrees C and you’ll harm what’s in there and reduce its potency. And just for the record the answer is no – cannabis doesn’t do too well if you try and cook things up with it in the microwave…bad idea!




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