These days, there’s little to nothing you can’t order online and have dropped at your door in a matter of hours. Cannabis being no exception to the rule, which in one form or another has been available online for decades. 

The Dark Web in particular being a hotbed of illegal drug dealing and distribution activity, but isn’t the most sensible place to head to quell your cannabis cravings.

For one reason or another, more people than ever before are querying the availability of cannabis online. In which case, is it possible to order a legal weed delivery via the web? If so, it is something you should be doing?


Illegal Delivery Market Thriving 

Unsurprisingly, the legality or otherwise of cannabis delivery services doesn’t matter a great deal to black market sellers. As a result, the illegal cannabis delivery market is booming.

Fuelled in no small part by the fact that over the past decade, the number of online searches related to cannabis deliveries has increased by almost 200%. 

Actually deciphering between legal and illegal cannabis delivery services isn’t quite as difficult as it sounds. For one thing, shipping cannabis and cannabis products through conventional mail and courier services remains 100% illegal at a Federal level.

If they’re offering to send you cannabis by post in the conventional sense, they’re breaking the law– there are no exceptions or exclusions to this rule.

Instead, therefore, any legal cannabis delivery services that do exist must ensure they personally transport it to your door. The vast majority of illegal online distributors sticking with anonymous postal shipments for obvious reasons.


Issues with Illegal Weed Delivery

Desperation routinely drives cannabis users to make poor and ill-informed decisions. Irrespective of whether or not cannabis is legal in their home state, the temptation to push a few buttons and have some dank land on the doorstep is understandable.

Nevertheless, opting for an illegal weed delivery services can be hazardous to your health in more ways than one. A few of the potential consequences of illegal cannabis deliveries to consider:

  1. You’re handing your private data and financial information over to a criminal
  2. You’re letting them know where you live, which is never a good idea.
  3. You’ve no guarantee the products you pay for will ever arrive at your home
  4. You’ve no assurances on the quality or safety of the products you receive
  5. You’re breaking the law and helping others break the law at the same time
  6. You run the risk of being sold doctored cannabis laced with toxic compounds

Still not convinced? How about the prospect of your package being detected along the way, subsequently resulting in your name and address making it onto a Federal blacklist?

There are plenty of safe and sensible ways to get your hands on the cannabis you need – organizing an illegal delivery is not one of them.


The Sensible Way to Order Cannabis Online

To be frank, the safe and sensible way to order cannabis online isn’t exactly rocket science. It’s simply a case of sticking with licensed and reputable dispensaries in your area, which also offer an approved delivery service.

If it’s a 100% legit service, there will be nothing shifty or dubious about the way it is offered. It will be presented and marketed like all other services on the dispensary’s website – not provided as something of a ‘cash in hand’ extra you have to send a PM to request.

If there’s anything about the whole thing that sets alarm bells ringing, remember – it’s your name on the package and ultimately you that stands to find yourself in bother!



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