Slowly but surely, recreational cannabis is making its way into the mainstream across the United States. Meanwhile, therapeutic marijuana has been legalized across a full 33 states. Do the math and you find yourself looking at an era where getting hold of high-quality weed really isn’t difficult.

Even if it’s still illegal where you live, the black market is thriving like never before.

Still, the widespread availability of high-end, high-THC weed doesn’t mean there isn’t still an avalanche of garbage polluting the scene. And when discussing sketchy and suspicious weed, the first suspect that springs to mind is often ‘ditch’ weed.

But what exactly is ditch weed and why is it such a talking point? More importantly, is ditch weed worth bothering with, if you happen across a batch purely by accident?


Feral Cannabis

Not to be confused with a guerilla grow, ditch weed (or feral cannabis) is the stuff that grows outdoors purely of its own accord. For a whole bunch of reasons, cannabis seeds routinely find themselves being deposited all over the landscape.

From tossed-out male plants to seeds swallowed and subsequently deposited by birds, they really do get everywhere.

Given the fact that cannabis isn’t particularly selective when it comes to cultivation conditions, these seeds often sprout and grow into healthy cannabis plants. All without ever being tended to by a human being, or in most cases even detected by those in the vicinity.

Ditch weed taking its name from the fact that it often literally appears out of nowhere in ditches and on grass verges by the road.

Keep your eyes peeled when out and about and there’s every chance you’ll spot some. At which point, it’s a case of deciding whether or not to take what seems to be the obvious next step.


Is Ditch Weed Legal?

In terms of legality, cannabis growing wild beside the road (or anywhere else) is practically impossible to trace back to its original owner. It technically doesn’t belong to anyone, so is also technically up for grabs on a first-come, first-served basis.

As for the legality of ditch weed, it’s not actually something that’s been incorporated in many states’ cannabis legislation with any real clarity.  However, even in states where it is now legal to cultivate cannabis, you’re restricted to doing so on your own property.

This would therefore mean that harvesting weed from plants grown anywhere else (i.e. on public land) is forbidden. Even if it’s something of a grey area, which it is.

What’s worth remembering is that if you’re busted bagging free weed from a crop of feral cannabis plants by the road, there’s every chance you’ll be accused of having grown it yourself. You can claim you had nothing to do with it, but you’ll technically be in a ‘caught red handed’ situation and might not be able to explain your way out of it.


Is Ditch Weed Worth Bothering With?

Given the above, you’d be sensible to question whether or not ditch weed is worth bothering with in the first place. It’s entirely up to you whether you bag what you come across, but in most instances it’s nothing to write home about.

Ditch weed grows with zero input from human growers and is often rooted in soil with a very poor nutrient content. As a result, the weed produced tends to be very low in potency, with next to no THC or CBD to speak of.

You’ve also no idea what it’s been exposed to over the past few months, if it’s been doing its thing by a busy road or highway.

Feel free to give it a try, but don’t be surprised if it’s not quite the goldmine you hoped it would be.

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