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The Easiest Cannabis Recipes You Should Have Tried By Now

The Easiest Cannabis Recipes You Should Have Tried By Now

By Grow How

If you haven’t already started cooking with cannabis…shame on you! It really isn’t until you begin getting creative in the kitchen with your favourite strain of marijuana that you realise there really is a whole new world out there just waiting to be discovered. And we are most certainly not talking about the kind of cannabis cooking that exists simply to get you high. Instead, we mean the kinds of recipes that are spectacularly delicious in every way, and just so happen to come with the added bonus of a buzz! So if you haven’t already tried out the following ultra-easy recipes, don’t deny yourself a seriously gorgeous treat any longer:


1 – Canna Butter


Infusing butter with cannabis is spectacularly easy and will leave you with something you will find literally thousands of uses for. The easiest way of going about it is of course to simply melt a block of butter, stir in finely ground marijuana and pour it into a small bowl to set. However, there is also a method that involves adding a litre of water to the equation and slowly simmering the whole mixture for anywhere between 3 hours and the whole day. This particular method will leave you with a type of canna butter that is much more evenly infused and delicious, though is of course considerably more work than the first option.


2 – Cannabis Tea


One absolutely fantastic alternative to the various types of cannabis tea you have tried to date and probably hated involves the recipe mentioned above. It’s simply a case of brewing any kind of tea you like (fruit teas tend to work particularly well with this recipe) and then throwing in a liberal teaspoon of cannabis butter and allowing it to melt. Sweeten with a little honey if preferred and feel free to get creative with the fruit syrups. Whatever you do, you will be extremely pleased with the results.


3 – Cannabis Ice Cream


Two of your favourite things in the world are all together in perfect harmony. Again, there is an extremely easy and obvious way of making cannabis ice cream, which is to simply grind up a liberal amount of cannabis and stir it into the ice cream of your choice. If you prefer to do things manually, simply take 500ml of double cream and add it to a pan containing 75g of sugar and 50g of cannabis butter that have them melted together. Simmer for a couple of minutes, before adding pureed or mashed fruit to the mixture and giving it all a good mix. It’s then just a case of freezing it all for a few hours in the coating of your choosing.


4 – Instant Cannabis Cake


This is probably the easiest and laziest approach to baking you will ever come across, which is precisely why we love it. Basically, all you need to do is take 4 tablespoons of sugar, 4 tablespoons of flour, 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder, one egg and a few chocolate chips and throw it all into a mug. Mix it all together thoroughly before adding as much cannabis (or cannabis butter) as you like, along with any additional flavourings and extras. Whack it all in the microwave and in two to five to minutes, you’ll have something totally delicious that at least partially resembles a cake.


5 – Brownies


Last but not least, we aren’t going to share with you the recipe for making standard chocolate brownies as a) you should already know how to make them by now and b) there are thousands of recipes for them all over the Internet. The only difference being in this instance that you’ll be adding a liberal amount of cannabis butter once the standard batter has been whipped up, transforming an already gorgeous treat into something truly spectacular!

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