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Edibles: Undoing It When You’ve Overdone It

Edibles: Undoing It When You’ve Overdone It

By Grow How

Anyone with a taste for cannabis edibles will have made exactly the same mistake at some point along the way. You pick up a tasty treat, you take a generous bite and you hang around impatiently for half an hour or so. After which, you take an even bigger bite (or three) and set yourself up for the unexpected ride of a lifetime.

Two hours later, you’re way higher than you intended to get and it’s on the verge of being more than you can handle.

The good news being that there still hasn’t been a single recorded case of an edible-related fatality. Freakouts and hospitalizations, yes, but nothing of any lasting gravity. Not that this means it’s a good idea to throw caution to the wind, but it’s worth remembering when you’re riding a high you can’t cope with.

What Happens When You OD on Edibles?

Just for the record, we’re not talking about the kind of ‘OD’ that means you need medical help. We’re simply talking about taking things one or two chunks of cannabis candy too far.

Make the mistake of going OTT with edibles and you can expect a period of calm before the storm. It could be an hour or two before things start to peak, at which point you’ll experience a bunch of common symptoms. Disorientation, heightened sensitivity, nausea and paranoia being perhaps the most common of all.

Of course, it could be that you don’t experience any of the symptoms, but a completely different set of symptoms in tune with your THC tolerance and experience. In any case, it can be pretty overwhelming and way heavier than you’d associate with even the most intensive smoking session.

Once again, it’s important to remind yourself that the effects are temporary and aren’t going to do you any long-term harm. In the meantime, it’s a case of doing whatever you can to get your feet back on the ground and bring yourself back to reality.

What to Do if You Eat Too Many Edibles

If you suspect you’ve consumed too many cannabis edibles, it’s important not to fly into a fit of panic. Doing so will simply make things worse than they already are. Likewise, doctors comprehensively recommend against inducing vomiting in a vain attempt to reduce the severity of the effects. By the time you figure you’ve gone too far, it’s already too late to ‘reverse’ things physically.

Instead, it’s a case of setting yourself up for what’s to come and making it as pleasant as possible. Eat something delicious but healthy, drink plenty of water and get yourself to a comfortable place. Focus on relaxing surroundings, maybe some tranquil music and whatever kind of isolation you prefer when you’re over the line.

You’ll also need to accept the fact that there’s really nothing you can do to speed things up with any real success. Your body’s detoxification processes need a certain amount of time to get the job done, which isn’t under your direct control.

If it helps, feel free to ride it out in the company of others. Likewise, feel free to get on the phone and chat to someone for reassurance if you feel you need it. You may find crowded public places a little overwhelming, so focus more on tranquillity and escapism.

Keep yourself relaxed and distracted for the duration, while forgetting anything you had planned for the next few hours at least. If you’ve got any immediate engagements, make your excuses and cancel them - they’ll only add to your anxiety. Enjoy some quality me-time, indulge in whatever makes you happiest and keep telling yourself it’ll be over in a few hours.

And if in doubt, reach out to a doctor or medical professional for advice and support…you won’t be the first or last to do so!

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