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Effective Ways to Improve Cannabis Plant Yields

Effective Ways to Improve Cannabis Plant Yields

By Grow How

Every cannabis cultivator would jump at the chance to improve their final yields. After all, nobody would turn down the opportunity to collect more cannabis flowers from the same marijuana plants.

Contrary to popular belief, boosting yields consistently and effectively doesn’t have to be difficult.

Particularly when considering you’re investing more than three months’ hard work in growing the stuff, you might as well make the effort to get it done properly.

So whether new to growing or more than familiar with cannabis cultivation, here’s a quick rundown of a few tried, tested and trusted methods for improving final yields:

Training Your Cannabis Plants

What’s meant by cannabis plant training? It’s a term that can apply to pretty much any technique with the potential to produce a stronger and more generous marijuana plant. One important point to remember – cannabis plants can be trained exclusively during their vegetative period. During which time, you could experiment with one or more of the following:

  • Topping – The process of removing the original single shoot, in order to spur the marijuana plant to grow two new shoots where there was previously one.
  • Scrog – Installing a screen can be a good way of manipulating younger shoots, ensuring the area above the screen is provided with lighting and everything below is stripped away.
  • Super Cropping – Risky yet potentially effective, this is where the grower deliberately yet very carefully breaks a main stem or branch. The resulting ’healing’ process results in the formation of a wooden knuckle and a stronger, more productive plant.

Improved Lighting

Just as long as you don’t go to extremes, there’s no such thing as taking things too far when it comes to lighting. For example, if you’re using a 600-watt HPS to get the job done, why not step up to 1000-watts? If you’ve opted for the lowest-quality bulbs and fixtures you could find at the time, why not have something a little more sophisticated?

The quality of the light you provide will have a direct impact on the final harvest you can expect. In fact, nothing is of greater importance when looking to boost yields than appropriate lighting. Simply covering the basics with the bare minimum really isn’t the way to go.

Focus on Superior Genetics

There’s a reason why cannabis seeds for the most popular strains can be picked up for a variety of prices. Taking White Widow as an example – some sell individual seeds for pennies, others for pounds. If you’re serious about producing quality bud, you need to start taking genetics seriously.

All the hard work and commitment in the world cannot compensate for substandard genetics. Unless the seeds come from an experienced and reputable source, you could be wasting your time and effort. Irrespective of the strain, it’s the quality of its genetics that can and will make all the difference.

Give Hydroponics a Go

If you haven’t already done so, we strongly advise trying your hand with hydroponics. By its very nature, hydro has the potential to outperform every other cultivation method in terms of speed, consistency and total output.

The good news being that the more basic hydro systems have never been more affordable or easy to work with. It’s even possible to make your own rudimentary hydroponics system – if you fancy a DIY project for the next couple of weekends.

Take Control of Carbon Dioxide

Last but not least, stepping-up carbon dioxide provision in your grow space could have a positive impact on your final yields. Out in the open, CO2 levels typically sit somewhere in the region of 400 parts per million. In an indoor grow space, this can be increased three-fold for the benefit of your plants.

If you do decide to go ahead and increase CO2 levels, you’ll also need to ensure the ambient temperature is increased accordingly. Cannabis plants need temperatures in excess of 30° C to make full use of higher CO2 levels.Nevertheless, the required effort is a small price to pay for what you can expect to get out of the deal.

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