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Up in Smoke – A Few Fast Facts About Vaping

Up in Smoke – A Few Fast Facts About Vaping

By Grow How

If you’ve ever found yourself embroiled in a deep debate about cannabis vaping, you’re far from the only one. It has a habit of being one of the subjects that divide cannabis users firmly down the middle. While there are certain exceptions to the rule, people either tend to be head over heels in love with vaping, or consider it to be nothing short of cannabis-culture heresy.


The thing is though…and as we’ve mentioned before…it makes far better sense to indulge in both and enjoy the best of both worlds. Both smoking and vaping cannabis present their own unique advantages and disadvantages – why deny yourself the pleasures of either?


So for this post, we thought we’d once again refer back to a few interesting facts about vaping, in order to clear up the confusion on a few key issues:


1. Vaporizers Don’t Get You As High As Smoking…FICTION!
One of the most common arguments among those on the smoking side of the fence is that vaping cannot and will not get you as high. Without putting too fine a point on it, this is complete and utter cobblers. In fact, the exact opposite is true. It tends to be an argument based on the fact that when you smoke cannabis, you feel an immediate head rush the moment you breathe the stuff in.  Which is incorrectly assumed to be the cannabis getting to work, when it is in fact nothing other than carbon monoxide. Indeed, anything you burn and breathe in contains carbon monoxide…which doesn’t get you high. Vaping ousts the creation of this toxic gas and instead gives you a pure, concentrated dose of the good stuff. Hit for hit, vaping will get you way higher than smoking ever could.


2. You’ll Have More Cash For More Bud…FACT!
While quite a lot of cannabis users are put off by high-end vaping devices because of their high prices, it’s worth remembering that you only have to buy them once. Not only this, but due to their unique efficiency, you will also need to use a much smaller quantity of cannabis to achieve the same effects. Which in turn means that you will need to spend much less money on cannabis to indulge. The more spare cash you have available, the more killer bud you can pick up and try out with your new toy.


3. Vaporizers Produce No Smell…FICTION!

If you’re considering venturing over to the vaping side of the fence, don’t fall into the trap of assuming they give off no fragrance whatsoever. Vaping devices on the whole don’t produce the kind of pungent pong associated with regular cannabis smoking, but nonetheless have the potential to be somewhat aromatic in their own right. Which in turn means that if you were thinking of investing in a vaping device to use in a tightly packed public place, chances are they’ll be in no doubt as to what you’re doing. Vaping is far more discreet than smoking, but doesn’t make what you’re doing 100% invisible.


3. It's Better For Your Health…FACT!

Just because cannabis does not cause lung cancer and is exponentially safer than smoking tobacco does not mean that smoking the stuff doesn’t have an impact on your health. Specifically, when you inhale smoke of any kind across the board, you run the risk of irritating your mouth, throat, lungs and so on. It may not be dangerously damaging, but is at the same time not necessarily a good thing. With vaping, all smoke (or around 95% of it) is removed from the equation, which in turn means good times for your throat and lungs.


4. You'll Taste The Flavour Notes More…FACT!

Last but not least, while there’s much to be said for the unique flavour profile that accompanies burning cannabis, there’s no better way of tasting the unique flavour profiles of your chosen strain with a quality vaporizer. The difference could perhaps best be likened to charring the hell out of a piece of meat, compared to slow cooking the same meat in its own juices. The first may be tasty, but if you want a pure, unadulterated taste of the product and a product alone, you need to remove the fire and flames from the equation.


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