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A Few Facts on Cannabis Seeds You Might Not Know

A Few Facts on Cannabis Seeds You Might Not Know

By Grow How

Even if you are pretty familiar with cannabis seeds, chances are there is a lot about these brown and speckled nuggets of niceness you never knew.  The fact that such a tiny and seemingly inconsequential little hull can contain the stuff required to grow literally infinite varieties of marijuana is quite mind-blowing to say the least.  


So for those with the very deepest respect for cannabis seeds and interested in expanding their knowledge, here’s a quick rundown of a few interesting factoids:


1 – First of all, next time somebody tells you that they can identify auto-flowering cannabis seeds, feminized cannabis seeds and regular cannabis seeds simply by looking at them, you have our full permission to correct them. The simple fact of the matter is that there is in fact absolutely no visible difference between these types of cannabis seeds, which is precisely why it is important to only ever purchase them from a company you know you can trust.


2 – In a similar vein, do not buy into the incredibly common misconception that the size of the cannabis seed itself has anything whatsoever to do with the variety or size of the plant that it will eventually produce. Cannabis seeds vary in size quite considerably and are generally found to be somewhere between the size of a tomato seed to that of a small piece of corn. In all such instances however, size does not tell you anything about what to expect from the plant itself.


3 - Cannabis seeds contain an extremely concentrated and beautifully balanced dose of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids – all of which are pure gold for the human body. If you do intend to fulfill your recommended daily intake requirements for these nutrients however, you might want to think about doing so by way of hemp seeds. The reason being that they are considerably cheaper and contain just as much of the good stuff.


4 – There will always be those who believe that the more time you leave cannabis seeds before planting them, the better the results. Of course this isn’t actually true, but if it was, the oldest cannabis seeds on the face of the earth would be pretty valuable to say the least. In the year 2007, cannabis seeds were found in a Chinese grave that are thought to be at least 2,700 years old!


5 – In terms of quantity, it is perfectly possible for one cannabis plants to produce well over 1,000 cannabis seeds during the course of its life.


6 – In most countries where it is illegal to grow, sell, possess, carry or use marijuana for recreational purposes, it remains perfectly legal to buy, sell and possess cannabis seeds. This is of course a relatively counterproductive and nonsensical approach to national control and management of marijuana use – maybe things will change at some point in the future.


7 – If you are looking to store your cannabis seeds for any given period of time, it is best to keep them at a temperature between 5° and 7° C. You will usually find that this is more or less the exact temperature range of the door in a standard home refrigerator, but you will have to ensure that you keep them immaculately dry to prevent mould and rot.


8 – Last but not least, there’s an old tale that’s never been substantiated or disproven about an old lady getting in a lot of trouble after accidentally spilling some bird seeds. Hemp seeds are routinely used in mixed bird food products and are packed with nutrients. Unfortunately, legend has it that one lucky lady spilled some bird seeds in an area of her garden she rarely visited, only to find herself in trouble six months down the line when she was arrested for having what can only be described as a spectacularly healthy cannabis plantation in her back garden!




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