Right now, more people than ever before are finding themselves broker than ever before. Some have seen their income plummet, while others are facing the very real prospect of unemployment.

Whether looking at a temporary shortfall or something longer-term, it simply makes sense to stretch your budget as far as possible. Something that can be done when visiting your local dispensary, without resorting to drastic measures.

So, if quitting cannabis entirely isn’t an option but you’ve limited cash to play with, here’s how to make the most of your money when feeling frugal:


Establish a Budget

This is a common-sense precaution to help you avoid spending more than you can afford to. Mercifully, most dispensaries right now only accept cash. Which means you can take along exactly how much you can afford to spend and not a penny more.


Wait Til You’re In the Right Mood

Hit your nearest dispensary in a foul mood and you’ll regret it. You’ll fall victim to your own “screw it” attitude and end up spending way too much on stuff you don’t really need. Wait until you’re in a calmer and more rational mindset, before going shopping.


Don’t Go While Hungry

As is the case when heading to the supermarket or your local convenience store, shopping while hungry (or high) is a huge mistake. Cannabis edibles are tempting as hell, though aren’t particularly cheap at the best of times. It’s amazing how much you can spend on very little, where top-shelf weed edibles are concerned.


Shop Before Your Run Dry 

This is important for the simple reason that desperation drives poor decision-making. If you’ve still got a decent stash at home, you’re not going to be nearly as motivated to buy crap you don’t need. If your stash box is empty and you’ve not a nug left to your name, you’re far more likely to go nuts and blow your wad entirely.


Check Online for Deals and Discounts

Chances are, every dispensary in your locality will have a website. It’s also likely that they’ll advertise all their current deals and specials online. In which case, it simply makes sense to make a beeline for those with the best deals at the time. Even if it means travelling a fair distance, it could still save you a small fortune.


Pick Popcorn Buds

If you can bear to do so, draw your attention away from those Cannabis Cup worthy buds and focus on the smaller, slightly more modest popcorn nugs. They’re not quite as impressive to look at, but can still get the job done fantastically at a much more affordable price. And it’s worth remembering that size alone isn’t always an indicator of quality.


Shake it 

It’s not particularly glamorous, nor are you guaranteed a particularly gourmet experience in terms of fragrance and flavor. Nevertheless, it’s perfectly possible for a bag of shake to pack a seriously elevated THC content. In the spirit of ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ and all that, shake provides one of the easiest and most affordable options for getting high for as little cash as possible.


Consider Cannabis Concentrates

Last but not least, upgrading to cannabis concentrates in times of financial crisis might seem counterproductive. In reality, it’s not quite as crazy as it sounds.  Cannabis concentrates may retail for $50 per gram or more, but can nonetheless represent stellar value for money. A little of this stuff goes a seriously long way, meaning you only need a tiny amount to keep you going indefinitely.

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