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Weed OD – How to Fight the Morning After the Night Before

Weed OD – How to Fight the Morning After the Night Before

By Grow How

The best weed hangovers are those you manage to kill off before they get the chance to kill you. Sadly, it’s almost impossible not to be 99% apathetic at the end of a big night and just accept what’s to come the next morning. You know you’re due in the office at 9am, you know you’re going to feel like garbage and you know it’s going to be the longest day of your life. Still, at least it was an epic night, but what about those times where you just cannot afford to feel like a decaying corpse for the whole of the next day?


Well, the truth is that just like booze hangovers, the process begins the night before…during the day, even. The best advice of all being not to overdo it, but of course you’ll ignore that and go hell for leather anyway, so we’ll leave common sense to one side.


So if you’re out to be a little more proactive this time for whatever the reason, exactly what can you do to kill the hangover of the morning after before the end of the night before?


1 – Juice Up

Well, for starters if you’re even thinking about mixing booze with bud, game over…and good luck to you. Battling one hangover is bad enough, but line yourself up with a double-whammy and you can forget about it. Instead, buy up a bunch of good quality (as in the real stuff) orange, tomato, cranberry, banana juices and tons of mineral water. Hydration and Vitamin C are your best friends right now, so you’ll want to give your body a huge dose of both during and after the festivities. You’d be surprised how big of a difference this alone can make.


2 – Vitamin Tablets

And while on the subject, there’s no harm to be had in popping a couple of multivitamins to start putting back some of the good stuff the weed is right now robbing you of. And just for the record, you can’t take dozens of the things and expect a cumulative effect and nor will painkillers do you any real good at all…so don’t bother.


3 – Fresh Air

If possible, don’t head straight to sleep in the 30 seconds after taking your last bong hit. What you need right now maybe more than anything else at all is a ton of fresh air to restore balance within your body and pick your brain up off the floor. Your flat’s full of toxins in the air, so think about heading out for a 30-minute walk (assuming you can walk) without turning in. Blood pumping and lungs filled, you’ll feel way better for it tomorrow.


4 – Chow Down

The fact that you normally wake up the next morning craving high fat, high sugar and low quality foods in general should give you a hint here – why not chow a few down the night before? Of course, pigging out right before bed might not be the best idea, but going to sleep on an empty stomach after a weed binge will leave you waking up feeling like absolute garbage. It doesn’t matter what it is, just eat something!


5 – Get Up Earlier

Last but not least, this is the suckiest tip by far but also one of the most effective. If you have to be at work by 9am, which would normally mean getting up at 8am, get up at 7am instead. This way, you’ll have an extra hour to repeat all of the above steps at least to a gentle extent and your reward will be a day that’s not nearly as hideous as it would be if you’d gotten up at 8am like normal. Seriously…it’s more than worth it.


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