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America’s First Cannabis Drive-Thru Is Officially Open for Business

America’s First Cannabis Drive-Thru Is Officially Open for Business

By Grow How

It’s not as if tales of innovation and world-firsts are anything rare these days, as far as the booming legal cannabis industry in the United States is concerned.  Leading the charge for the rest of the world – or at least most of it – the US is toying with the kinds of concepts that come across as no less than fairy-tale fantasy for folks overseas. All of which makes for compelling reading, albeit somewhat bittersweet in nature.

While cannabis fans and followers in the United Kingdom still cannot legally access medical cannabis in any way, shape or form, the lucky sods over in Nevada now have access to America’s first cannabis drive-thru!

Positioned prominently in the Las Vegas Valley, the new outlet will enable cannabis users to order and collect their pot just in the same way they’d order a Happy Meal.

“We want all customers to have that same experience of being able to get in and get out,” said Benny Tso, chairman of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe.

“It’s about speed and convenience.”

According to those behind this frankly marvelous concept - located on tribal land on 1235 Paiute Circle near downtown Las Vegas – the cannabis drive-thru isn’t designed to be some kind of niche novelty, or even a cannabis access point for those who simply cannot be bothered to visit their local store. Instead, it’s all about assisting handicapped and elderly customers, for whom it may be difficult or even impossible to leave their vehicles unaided.

For the time being, the drive-thru service will stock around 15 cannabis concentrates, edibles and bud varieties, so some stand out bud such as Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue and Vegas Dub Shot. Previously a bank teller window in Washington, the $30,000 window was shipped into Las Vegas last week and is both framed with bullet-proof Kevlar and made of the strongest glass imaginable. There are also two 24/7 surveillance cameras inside and outside the window, in order to serve as further deterrents for those who may be interested in a freebie.

Once the whole thing is up and running and hitting its stride, the company behind the window – literally – expects to be able to process and hand over orders in as little as 60 seconds. Meaning that the window could technically service the needs of any number of cannabis users every hour – the company having estimated that somewhere in the region of 300 vehicles will visit their drive-thru every day.

Alternatively, those who can and are happy to get out of their cars can choose instead to visit Nuwu’s incredible and enormous 16,000 square-foot dispensary, which is located no more than around 100 feet from the window. Which despite having only opened last month has already become no less than a church for much of the city’s cannabis community – not to mention one hell of a tourist attraction for those visiting from other states and countries.

Of course, as some of the more eagle-eye industry watchers will probably be pointing out at this stage that there’s already a drive-thru cannabis window in Arizona and that’s been open for business since late October. Nevertheless, Arizona’s fast-food style cannabis dispensary is restricted only to medical cannabis products and is therefore closed off to those without the required permits. Hence our consideration of the new window in Las Vegas as the first true cannabis drive-thru in the country.

Not that it’s expected to stay this way for long – chances are we’ll be seeing hundreds, maybe even thousands of similar business concept popping up all over the place in the near future.


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