It’s not uncommon to find yourself holding on to a stash of weed with a fairly excessive cannabis seed content. Not necessarily the end of the world, but an inconvenience nonetheless.

In any case, needlessly wasting any component of a cannabis plant is unfortunate - accidental seeds included. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at just a few things you can do with your unwanted cannabis seeds that are far better than wasting them.

However you ended up with them and no matter how many you’re dealing with, give thought to the following as an alternative to the dustbin:

1. Test Different Grow Methods
First of all, you could use these ‘spare’ cannabis seeds to try your luck with a bunch of different grow methods. Rather than putting your most prestigious and expensive seeds on the line, it could be useful to practice beforehand with something less valuable. If your spare seeds spout and grow like wildfire, you’ll know you’ve nailed it. If they fail outright or struggle to develop, you won’t have lost anything.

This can be particularly useful when trying more complex and challenging cultivation techniques for the first time, such as DIY hydroponics.

2. Give Guerrilla Growing a Try
Assuming it’s legal to do where you’re based, you could also try your hand at guerrilla growing. This is basically where you plant cannabis seeds somewhere off your immediate property and largely leave them to their own devices. After which, you keep tabs on their performance and perhaps end up with a decent harvest - all without any of the mess or risks of at-home cultivation.

One of the biggest risks associated with guerrilla growing is someone finding and stealing your plants. Hence, practicing with seeds of no real value can help you determine where’s safe to set and where’s best to avoid.

3. Eat Them
Crunching down a handful of cannabis seeds isn’t going to be a particularly tasty experience. Nevertheless, cannabis seeds are spectacularly nutritious and come loaded with an array of important nutrients. Just a few examples of which include protein, fibre, healthy fats (omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids), and vitamins A, E, D, and B.

One of the best ways of tapping into the nutrient content of cannabis seeds is to grind them down into a powder and stick them in whatever you cook. You can also roast and eat them whole if you prefer. In any case, there’s not nearly enough THC in them to make you high, so they’re perfect for any time of day.

4. Donate to a Noob
Chances are, there’s someone you know who’s just getting started with the whole cannabis cultivation and consumption thing. Your spare seeds might be of no real value to you, but could be a pretty attractive commodity to someone else. Attempting to sell your unwanted seeds might be taking things a bit too far, but you could always try giving them away.

You’ll almost always find a willing recipient for this kind of cannabis plant product. Again, an ideal starting point for newcomers to cultivation, who’d prefer not to destroy their ultra-premium feminised seeds.

5. Get into Breeding
Last up, there’s really no such thing as ‘useless’ cannabis seeds is the eyes of established breeders. In addition, it’s worth remembering that even the most iconic cannabis cultivators and hybrid engineers had to start somewhere.Assuming you’re a committed and motivated member of the cannabis community, why not try your hand at creating your own strains?

Even if you’ve no intention of going pro with commercial cultivation or distribution, it can still be an extremely satisfying endeavour. The first time you create an all-new strain from scratch is something you’ll never forget. Best of all, it’s not nearly as difficult as you might expect.

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