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Five Strains That (Almost) Guarantee Spectacular Yields

Five Strains That (Almost) Guarantee Spectacular Yields

By Grow How

No matter how much time, effort and passion you invest in the venture, cannabis plants will only ever yield as much as they can yield. Or to put it another way, every cannabis strain is genetically predisposed to yield with a very specific degree of generosity.

So it’s simple really – start out with one of the most generous strains in the first place and you’re far more likely to reap the rewards in a big way. The question being – what cannabis species should you go for?

Well, it’s worth remembering that generous yields are nothing without at least a degree of simplicity. After all, if it’s a high-yielding strain that’s devastatingly difficult to grow, you’re likely to struggle from day one. Instead, you want and need the perfect package of simplicity and generosity.

So with this in mind, what follows is a brief rundown of five superb strains that (almost) guarantee the top-shelf yields of your dreams:

White Widow

A strain that requires absolutely no introduction whatsoever, this legendary Amsterdam hybrid is one of the world’s the most popular and important.  Famed for packing a punch with endless euphoria, it’s no less than a gift to the world that White Widow is ridiculously easy to grow. Not only is it a strain with outstanding resistance to pests and mould, but it also has a flowering time as short as eight weeks.

Cheese Quake

If it’s a strain you’ve yet to try out personally, Cheese Quake is a serious multi-sensory experience. Bringing together the best of Querkle and Cheese, it packs a pungent cheesy fragrance that’s almost too sour to be considered pleasant. Still, it translates to a gorgeously fruity and funky flavour, with a perfectly balanced stone that hits body and mind like a ton of bricks. For indoor growing, it’s almost impossible to go wrong with Cheese Quake. Densely packed and seriously heavy buds come as standard, as do plentiful yields from relatively compact plants. A great strain if you are short on growing space.

Purple Trainwreck

Another classic you probably already know and love, Purple Trainwreck is pretty easy to deal with both outdoors and indoors. Once again, flowering times come in at around the eight-week mark and the genetics of Purple Trainwreck make it a seriously resilient and robust specimen. A lifting, euphoric and beautifully controllable, the mellow high Purple Trainwreck is famous for makes it perfect for casual cannabis users and newcomers. Get it right and it will reward you with more of the stuff than you know what to do with.

Critical Kush

Owing its origins to Critical Mass and OG Kush, a little Critical Kush goes a long way. Nevertheless, there really is no such thing as growing a little Critical Kush. Even with just a few plants in a decent and controlled indoor setup, this stuff puts out like there’s no tomorrow. Dense, heavy and spectacularly potent buds responding well to heavy feeding and good humidity control.

Blue Dream

Last but not least, Blue Dream is considered America’s most popular and celebrated strain at the moment for a handful of good reasons. The euphoric but mellow high is dreamy, the flavour is fabulous and growing Blue Dream really is a dream come true in its own right. Incredibly resistant, fast-flowering and superbly generous, it’s a rare example of a connoisseur’s choice that can easily be grown by first-timers.



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