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Five Super Sexy Strains to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Five Super Sexy Strains to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

By Grow How

Some of the sweetest and stickiest cannabis strains on the market right now are every bit as decadent as a dessert. Perfect for rounding off a meal, or simply indulging whenever the desire takes you. All without the inevitability of obesity and tooth decay that accompanies the overconsumption of more traditional sweets.

But of all the sweet and sticky cannabis strains available, which are the sweetest and stickiest of all?

Truth is, spoilt for choice doesn’t even come into it. There are dozens of deliciously decadent strains up for grabs - each combining sublime sweetness with a blissful buzz. Nevertheless, we’d strongly recommend checking out the five following front-runners, which might just be the sexiest strains of all time for satisfying a sweet tooth:

1 – Strawberry Cough

Right off the bat, Strawberry Cough isn’t just a playful strain with a tempting taste to die for. Not only does this incredible strain often pack a THC concentration of more than 25%, it’s also taken home an incredible 13 Cannabis Cup awards over the years. Massively Sativa-dominant, Strawberry Cough delivers an immediate and relentless burst of energy that’s not unlike the traditional sugar high. Only without the risk of crashing and burning on the other side of it. And as the name suggests, Strawberry Cough is almost guaranteed to induce coughing in less seasoned smokers.

2 – Blueberry

This iconic strain has been doing its thing for more than four decades, yet remains one of the most celebrated and popular worldwide. Lending its genetics to dozens of equally outstanding strains over the years, Blueberry delivers the most remarkable blast of sweet blueberry flavours with a pronounced vanilla aftertaste. The complexity and prominence of the flavour profile really is something else - as is the delightfully controllable high with its 8-to-1 THC to CBD ratio. Perfect for delivering a welcome uplift at any time of day, which routinely descends into hysterical giggles for the duration.

3 – Tangie

With its predominantly Sativa genetics, Tangie is also great as an uplifting and mood-boosting strain for the afternoon and evening. The high is relaxing though never incapacitating, so does the business beautifully whether chilling alone or with friends. As for the flavour, there’s an incredible burst of citrus freshness on the inhale, with a distinct undertone of mango and a zesty orange aftertaste.Exceptionally smooth and enjoyable to toke, Tangie is notorious for lulling you into a false sense of security. Before you know it, hours have passed and you’re no closer to getting anything done…not that you’ll give a damn at the time!

4 – XJ-13

If you’re lucky enough to get hold of a batch of XJ-13 seeds, guard them with your life! This infamous and mysterious strain is extremely difficult to track down, combining the genetics of Jack Herer with G-13. The result of which being a beautifully balanced hybrid with up to 22% THC, hitting the brain and body with equal ferocity after a single heavy toke. Like its counterpart above, sharp citrus flavours dominate the inhale with XJ-13, which leaves behind an aftertaste not dissimilar to fresh pears.

5 – Fruity Pebbles

Last but not least, Fruity Pebbles is a superb sweet strain that totally lives up to its name. If you’re familiar with the iconic cereal, you’ll know exactly what to expect - a huge combination of fruity-berry flavours so pronounced they taste artificial! Also capable of bringing on a beautifully clear-minded and euphoric high, there was a time when you’d have paid four-figure sums for a batch of Fruity Pebbles seeds. They’re not nearly as overpriced today, but are still as revered and treasured as they ever were.

Brandon Fillmore 1 years ago at 7:11 PM
Blueberry is pretty good
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