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Four Super-Simple Strains for First-Time Growers

Four Super-Simple Strains for First-Time Growers

By Grow How

Every home grower has to start somewhere. And who’s to say that your first-time cultivating cannabis has to be a daunting or stressful experience?

Essentially, there are just two things you need to successfully cultivate a batch of beautiful bud at home. One of which being quality seeds from a suitable strain, the other being the basic setup to house your plants. Contrary to popular belief, no specific knowledge or experience is necessary to come up with a surprisingly generous final yield.

Experience will certainly amplify the outcome, but there’s plenty in it for noobs too.

Best for Beginners

As we’ve said time and time again, there’s absolutely no substitute for premier genetics. Even with all the experience and ultra-premium hardware in the world, you’ll get nowhere with low-grade seeds. So whether experimenting with the latest Tootie Fruity weed, Blackberry Pie strain or Chemdog weed, never settle for second best when it comes to seed quality.

1. Northern Lights

One of the most iconic strains in the history of commercial cannabis, Northern Lights is also one of the most forgiving to grow. You can expect plants that rarely reach more than 5 feet in height, making them ideal for compact indoor and outdoor grow spaces alike. Get it right and you could be looking at up to 22 ounces of quality cannabis per plant.

Best of all, Northern Lights is resistant to the vast majority of common diseases and is far from prone to pest infestation. Provide your plants with warm Mediterranean conditions and they’ll reward you after a flowering period of approximately nine weeks.

2. Blue Dream (Pictured)

Blue Dream skyrocketed to notoriety after becoming the best-selling strain on the West Coast of recent years. Despite being one of the most desirable and beautiful strains you’ll ever lay eyes on, Blue Dream is also surprisingly easy to grow.

Once again, consistent warm Mediterranean temperatures are needed if planning to grow Blue Dream outdoors. In addition, this is a cannabis specimen that produces extremely tall plants, so you’ll need plenty of headspace to deal with a crop of Blue Dream. Nevertheless, give this glorious hybrid the conditions it needs and the rest takes care of itself.Ultimately resulting in approximately 20 ounces of cannabis per plant, with a THC content in the region of 22%.

3. Easy Bud

A strain that more than lives up to its name, Easy Bud is perhaps the easiest and most rewarding cannabis option of all for newcomers. Expect plants in the region of around 50cm, with flowering times as short as eight weeks.

Yields aren’t quite as huge, typically producing in the region of 45g per plant.Nevertheless, Easy Bud is extremely forgiving when it comes to climatic conditions and more or less takes care of itself from start to finish. Just as long as you get a decent batch of seeds in the first place, it’s borderline impossible to go wrong.

4. Papaya

Last but not least, Papaya is a glorious Indica strain that produces bountiful buds with the most glorious fruity flavour. The plants rarely exceed 3 feet in height, producing potent flowers that are just the ticket for the deepest possible relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

Papaya is particularly resistant to cold snaps and climatic fluctuations, making it great for amateurs who lack the high-end gear needed to keep things perfectly consistent. THC content comes in at around the 15% mark and yields vary from moderate to explosive, in accordance with the quality of the cultivation setup.

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