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Getting the Most From Cannabis as a Couple

Getting the Most From Cannabis as a Couple

By Grow How

If you and your partner are both cannabis users, consider yourself lucky! Cannabis can be even more awesome than normal when enjoyed as a couple. By contrast, it has the potential to be nothing short of problematic if only one half of the couple is into weed. So once again, if it’s something both of you are into, you’re definitely one of the lucky ones!


But what about if both of you are interested in trying cannabis for the first time, with no prior experience? How should you go about it to make sure you get the most enjoyment out of it?


Chances are, you’ll have a degree of apprehension and concern, but this is completely normal and to be expected. You’re heading into the unknown with a head full of optimism, though have no frame of reference to gauge things by.


So just to help ensure things go exactly as you hope they will, here’s a brief overview of a few tips for couples cannabis first-timers:


1 – Keep It Private
First up, given the fact that there will inevitably be a sense of apprehension and uncertainty, it’s a good idea to limit your first session to the two of you…nobody else. The reason being that the more people there are around you, the more pressure there is from start to finish. And the more pressure you feel, the less likely you are to enjoy it. You’ll have all the opportunity in the world to smoke with plenty of other people going forward, but for the time being at least, think about keeping things nice and private.


2 – The Right Setting
Setting up the perfect environment is also of high importance when it comes to trying cannabis for the first time. This means setting up a relaxed, familiar and comfortable environment where above all else you feel safe and happy. Long story short, this certainly does not mean anywhere public where you might end up feeling uneasy if you get too high. Stay at home, set the mood with a few relaxing enhancements and take the phone off the hook for the night.


3 – Research Strains
Be aware of the fact that the strain you choose will have the biggest impact on your enjoyment or otherwise. Just as some cannabis strains are all about mental alertness and enjoyment, others will have you locked to the couch in silence for the whole evening. Likewise, some you’ll be able to enjoy throughout the night, while others are so strong you’ll be well and truly gone after a few hits. Rather than choosing at random, make your decision in accordance with facts and education.


4 – Start Slowly
For obvious reasons, it’s a good idea to start out extremely slowly and build things up as you go along. As you have no current idea what your tolerance levels are, you run the risk of crossing the line if you are not very, very careful. As such, whether smoking cannabis or indulging in a few edibles, start out by trying just a very small amount and give it plenty of time for the effects to kick in fully.


5 – Eat and Entertain
It’s a good idea to make sure you’ve had plenty to eat before getting started with your cannabis evening – just as it’s a good idea to have some munchies on hand for when they hit. In addition, you’ll enjoy things far more if you have some form of light entertainment running at all times. Music, movies, TV shows and so on – it’s basically a case of ensuring you’re not just sitting there in silence and potentially feeling rather awkward.


6 – Enjoy It
Last but not least, remember at all times that what you’re doing is all about having fun. If you stop having fun, stop what you’re doing. If it becomes clear that your other half isn’t having fun, encourage them to stop and stop with them. There’s really no sense using cannabis if you don’t enjoy doing it, though bear in mind it could simply be that you’ve chosen the wrong strain…or overdone it a little.



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