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Greenhouse Growing – It’s Kind of a Big Deal!

Greenhouse Growing – It’s Kind of a Big Deal!

By Grow How

Slowly but surely, greenhouses are taking over as the single most popular method for cultivating cannabis at home. Along with protecting plants from potentially damaging environmental conditions, greenhouses provide a controllable warm climate and harness the full power of the sun. One of the best things about growing in a greenhouse is the way in which it allows for cultivation throughout most of the year, while at the same time producing more consistent results and working out much cheaper than growing indoors.


How Do Greenhouses Work?
If you’ve ever wondered how even in cooler conditions a greenhouse stays warm, it all comes down to the ‘greenhouse effect’. You know, that thing that may or may not exist as far as the Earth is concerned…depending on which newspapers you read. In the simplest terms, the sun’s energy enters the greenhouse through its glass or plastic panels, which in turn warms both the plants and the soil. When the plants and soil release this energy in the form of infrared radiation, it is unable to escape back out of the greenhouse. It remains enclosed inside, warming the air and maintaining a warmer temperature than the outdoors.


If you’ve ever sat in a car on a hot day with the windows closed, you’ll probably have a good idea how it all works.  


Advantages of Growing Greenhouse Cannabis
Greenhouse growing can be beneficial for home cannabis growers in a number of ways, which is precisely why so many are turning to greenhouses as their primary cultivation method of choice. These include:


  • Lighting Control – Adding further lighting to the greenhouse can increase daylight hours as required by the plants, which can be useful during extended periods of bad weather. If looking to hold cannabis plants in a vegetative state for longer, supplemental lighting is ideal.
  • Climate Control – Greenhouses protect from harsh weather conditions and make it relatively easy to control the temperature and general climate in the interior. From fans to heaters to dehumidifiers, there’s a whole world of gadgets available to help create ideal growing conditions.
  • Life Cycle Control – As already touched upon, it’s the way in which you’re better able to take control of a cannabis plant’s life cycle that makes greenhouse growing such a popular choice. Depending on the time of year, what you’re looking to achieve and so on, it’s possible to trick plants into flowering early, keep them in a vegetative state for longer and generally take control of what they do and when they do it.
  • Cost/Energy Reduction – A greenhouse has the potential to be infinitely more efficient than any outdoor or indoor growing environment, making full use of the sun’s readily available and totally free energy. Which in turn means you’ll be using far less energy to give your plants ideal conditions, which translates into significant long-term savings.


And the Downside?
There’s really only one downside that comes with growing cannabis in a greenhouse – security. First of all, the fact that pretty much the entire structure of the greenhouse is made using clear glass or plastic means that it is largely impossible to even remotely hide what it is you are growing inside. Which essentially means that if an undesirable outsider was to lay eyes on your greenhouse, they would instantly know what treasures it was holding.


And of course, there’s also the fact that structures made entirely from glass or plastic are not particularly secure. Which in turn means that if those coming across your crop wish to do away with it, chances are it isn’t going to be particularly difficult for them to do exactly that.


Greenhouse alarms and solid locks can help, but you still need to be extremely careful and keep what you’re doing as quiet as possible.





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