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Six Weed Growing Myths That Will Kill Your Crop Dead

Six Weed Growing Myths That Will Kill Your Crop Dead

By Grow How

Did you hear about the guy who knows a guy who knew a guy who grew awesome weed by feeding his plants rehydrated goldfish food? Chances are you thought he was talking out of his backside…and indeed you were 100% right to think so!


The web’s great, but at the same time it’s packed to the rafters with so much junk and garbage information when it comes to important subjects…like growing good weed at home. For every snippet you hear that’s genuine, there’s another dozen bogus bites standing by to throw you off your game.


So just to clarify a few of the things you might have thought you knew about DIY weed growing, here’s a look as six silly myths that could have been done with getting busted years ago:


1 – Pee Power

Peeing on weed plants – a practice that’s as old and common as the hills are green. Now, the trouble here is that in certain instances, diluted pee can indeed give weed plants a good whack of nutrients including nitrogen. Sadly, pretty much every time you pee, what comes out is totally different than what came out last time. So unless you’re willing to change what you eat and drink specifically to control your weed-friendly pee output, it’s more than likely you’ll end up delivering a fatal dose of little more than nutrient burn.


2 – Miracle Gro? Miracle Hell No!

God knows where the idea first got out that Miracle Gro is a sure-fire ticket to awesome buds…it totally isn’t. Why? Well, quite simply because as any decent weed grower knows, the best buds are cultivated by making sure you give your plants the exact nutrients they need for each stage of their growing cycle. As such, if you give them Miracle Gro – an all-round feed that’s supposed to be used from cradle to grave – you’re giving them the same hit of nutrients day in and day out. Or in other words, you’ll be starving them of some things and overloading them with others…and that’s not a good thing.


3 – Leaf Points Can Be Used to Determine the Plant’s Sex

Ugh…no they most certainly cannot. Look up a proper guide on sexing weed plants and you’ll see there’s a little more to it than this. Next time anyone tries to tell you this myth is true, feel free to poke them with a sharp stick.


4 – Add Fruit Juice for Fab Flavours

As is the case with the pee problem above, the theory that fruit juice makes any difference at all both came out of nowhere and is wholly unfounded. Of course, experts have tested the idea tons of times – orange and apple juices being the most widely voiced suspects – and just as suspected, no benefit and no change to taste, potency or anything else. By contrast, you might just kill your plants dead…so why take the risk?


5 – Blowback Blunders

If you’ve ever been told that blowing cannabis smoke all over your plants makes a difference to their strength, health and what not, indeed it does – all in a very bad way. It’s wishful thinking and yeah it’d be cool as hell if this one was true, but it’s not…not even close. Smoke will do nothing but harm your plants and hinder their growth, so save the blowbacks for someone that will really appreciate them.


6 – Birth Control (?)

Last but not least, one of the most bizarre myths that gathered steam for reasons that are unfathomable is that of birth control pills apparently being crushed into powder and added to the water you douse the soil with. In any case, where it came from doesn’t really matter – all you need to know is that it’s as bogus as bogus can be and is more likely to annihilate your plant than in any way benefit its growth.





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