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Growing Outdoors? Protect Your Pot from Thieves

Growing Outdoors? Protect Your Pot from Thieves

By Grow How

For millions of home growers, the dawn of the summer season is the most exciting time of year. The sun is in the sky and temperatures are on the up, making now the perfect time to get your outdoor cannabis crop up and running.

Stronger plants, better yields, lower costs, minimal maintenance - just a few of the benefits of growing cannabis outdoors. Unfortunately, outdoor cultivation also brings one huge downside into the equation:

Cannabis crime.

Quality cannabis can be (literally) worth its weight in gold. Hence, you have to accept that you’ll never be too far from some shady character looking to relieve you of it. The risk of cannabis theft shouldn’t put you off outdoor cultivation entirely, but must nonetheless be considered to avoid becoming a victim.

The Golden Rules Rule for Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation

Ultimately, the safety of your cannabis will be determined by your own common sense combined with pure luck. In some instances, there’s absolutely nothing you can do to stop those wishing to do so from helping themselves to your crop.

If you’re going to be targeted randomly, you’re going to be targeted randomly - as is the case with most types of crime.

Nevertheless, there are four golden rules for outdoor cannabis cultivation, which can significantly decrease your likelihood of being deliberately targeted. So whether already growing outdoors or planning to do so in the near future, here are four essential rules to abide by at all times:

Rule 1 - Don’t Tell Anyone

The more people you tell about your outdoor cannabis crop, the higher the likelihood of being targeted. Even if you tell people you’d trust with your life, you’ve no idea who they may subsequently share the information with - knowingly or otherwise. It’s far too easy for information like this to fall into the wrong hands, putting you and your crop in harm’s way. So, unless you absolutely must tell them, don’t - it’s a risk that’s not worth taking.

Rule 2 - Keep it Hidden

For obvious reasons, it’s a good idea to keep your outdoor crop hidden from view. Think about every possible vantage point in the area and assess the most discreet place to plant your cannabis. Consider your neighbours’ upstairs windows, public pathways and so on - anyway nearby your cannabis may be visible from. One effective tactic is to camouflage cannabis plants among more ‘generic’ plants to keep them under wraps.

Rule 3 - Fight the Fragrance

Realistically, there’s nothing you can do to prevent your cannabis plants from emitting their signature fragrance.Instead, common sense dictates that steering clear of excessively fragrant strains is the way to go. At least, if you don’t want the smell of your cannabis plants to be carried on the breeze throughout the entire neighbourhood. Bring a little strategy into your strain selection process and focus on discretion.

Rule 4 - The Smaller, the Safer

Last but not least, smaller cannabis plants are (clearly) much more difficult to spot from a distance than their towering counterparts. Hence, an outdoor grow space populated by six-foot cannabis plants isn’t going to be quite as discreet as a similar space with a few 50cm specimens. If discretion is a priority, you’ll again need to think carefully about the strains you choose when picking up your seeds or clones.

A Word on Guerrilla Growing

Growing cannabis outdoors in public places is surprisingly popular, but also represents the highest-risk approach of all. Not the least because it’s also illegal in the vast majority of places. So while guerrilla growing might be an appealing option if you’ve no private outdoor space to play with, you’ll need to carefully consider the risks and potential consequences of planting pot in public.

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