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A Guide to Red Eye – What It Is, How to Hide It

A Guide to Red Eye – What It Is, How to Hide It

By Grow How

To buy pot seeds in the United Kingdom is to also invest in the huge downer that is not being able to germinate them legally. So it’s really very little wonder why so many Brits are heading overseas to revel in the more liberal cultures of a fair few neighbouring nations.


The thing is though, no matter where you travel there’s always one part of weed culture that remains the same – red eye.  Pretty much every stoner on the face of the earth knows that cannabis causes red eye, but comparatively few actually understand why it occurs…and whether there is anything that can be done to prevent it.


So here it is – your quick 101 guide to red eye!


A Sign of Poor Health?

Tackling the biggest question of all – does red eye indicate a poor state of health? At the risk of being vague, the answer is both yes and no at the same time. From a medical perspective, reddening of the eyes can be indicative of a wide variety of health problems. Allergies, tiredness, various viruses and problems with the eyes themselves can all lead to red eye.


But at the same time, red eye doesn’t necessarily mean that there are any specific underlying health problems. Red eye from cannabis use for example isn’t indicative of illness, but rather a side effect of the effect cannabis has on blood pressure.


Or at least, that’s what the experts seem to believe.


Cannabis Red Eye

As far as neuroscientists are concerned, the cannabinoids contained in cannabis can lead to a decrease in blood pressure, which is linked to reddening of the eyes. It’s all to do with the way in which blood vessels dilate in order to increase blood flow when blood pressure is reduced. There is of course a much more detailed and scientific explanation than this, but it all boils down to the same simple premise.



Along with having an apparently beneficial effect on high blood pressure, it has also been known for some time that marijuana is an effective treatment for glaucoma. These tiny little pot seeds grow and develop into plants with the potential to both reduce blood pressure and bring intraocular pressure under control far more effectively than almost any synthetic medicine or treatment.


Given the fact that cannabis is also safer and presents considerably fewer side effects, it’s pretty remarkable that the scientific and medical communities are not embracing the use of medicinal cannabis in these areas at least. In some nations perhaps, but hardly on a widespread basis.


Red Eye Factors

So, how about the question as to why some people seem to be far more predisposed to severe red eye than others? Well, it isn’t a subject that has been studied at any great length, but we do know for sure that some influencing factors include:


Genetics – some smokers take a single hit and end up with bright red eyes, while others can smoke all night with no redness at all.


Strain – the type and strength of cannabis smoked can also have an influence.


Hydration – letting yourself get dehydrated will almost always increase red eye severity.


Hiding the Evidence

To be honest, it’s largely impossible to go nuts on the cannabis and totally avoid red eye. As such, the best advice is to think about how to hide the evidence, if you feel so inclined to do so.


Sunglasses – the most obvious and the easiest solution being to don a pair of sunglasses, though depending on the weather and where you happen to be at the time you might end up looking like a bit of a tool.


Eye drops – have the potential to be extremely effective by delivering hydration straight to your eyes and reducing reddening much more quickly.


Hydration – as already mentioned, if you allow yourself to get dehydrated, it is inevitable that your eyes will look even worse.


Makeup – if you can get away with it, be as strategic as possible with the makeup you use around your eyes in order to minimise the impact of your bright red eyeballs.


Sleep – last but not least, just as it’s the case with all other effects of cannabis, you can always simply sleep off your red eye.


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