Whether or not mandatory lockdown has brought out the best in us is open to debate. But what’s for sure is that extended periods of isolation have triggered bouts of practically unbearable boredom for most.

Precisely where a welcome blast of quality weed can help, but strategic strain selection makes a real difference.

In this instance, we’re talking about the kinds of hard-hitting strains you can count on to blast you into oblivion for the duration. Not the 10% THC stuff that’s done its thing and gone in minutes - the face-melters that help you lose track of time for hours on end.

There’s no shortage of high-THC strains doing the rounds right now, though some are more enjoyable than others. So, if you’re simply looking to get as high as possible and kill as much time as possible for whatever the reason, a batch of any of the following will see you just right:

Ghost OG
Erring heavily towards the Indica side of the scale, Ghost OG gets the job done with an average THC content in the region of 23%. Famed for its almost chemical-like fragrance and flavor with plenty of sharp citrus, Ghost OG is best reserved for lazy days and evenings doing nothing at all. A trusted go-to for hour after hour of blissful relaxation.

Lemon Kush
It’s a relatively similar story with the legend that is Lemon Kush, which likewise tips the scales at approximately 22% THC. The only difference being that with Lemon Kush, you’re propelled into the heavens with an initial burst of energy and motivation, followed by a gradual descent into hopeless physical relaxation. The best of both worlds and a long lasting high, with the added benefit of a mouth-watering lemon flavor.

Death Star
Another predominantly Indica hybrid with a fragrance reminiscent of quality hash, one Death Star delivers the goods with an average THC content of approximately 21%. Its Diesel heritage is evident in both its fragrance and flavor, while its physically relaxing high never fails to linger for hours on end. No initial energy rush with this one - you’re immediately glued to the couch for the duration.

Bruce Banner #3
In terms of pure potency, nothing hits like a quality batch of Bruce Banner #3.Known to have tested for a THC content as high as 30%, #3 is the strongest strain to have come out of the legendary Bruce Banner family to date. Great for a seriously energizing pickup during the day, firing you up for the stuff you’ve got to do but would rather avoid.

Chem Dawg
Another sativa-leaning hybrid with a generous THC content in the region of 22%, Chem Dawg immediately gets to work with an uplifting and motivating high that’s great for creative types. It also has a fantastic sweet and sourfragrance and flavor profile, along with a seriously long-lasting high like its counterpart above.

Ghost Train Haze
Score yourself a decent batch of Ghost Train Haze and you’ll be looking at a THC content in the region of 28%. Uplifting, mood-boosting and great for daytime use, the only issue with Ghost Train Haze is that it can leave you feeling too good to function like a normal human being. And once the euphoria kicks in, it’s there for the duration.

Super Silver Haze
Last up, a notable mention has to go the way of Super Silver Haze - an all-time classic worthy of a place in any stash box. With its THC content of around 21% and fantastic flavor profile, Super Silver Haze is renowned for its beautifully balanced high that gets to work on body and mind with equal effectiveness.

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