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Hash Butter: Why the Hell Not?

Hash Butter: Why the Hell Not?

By Grow How

Quality hash is a seriously enjoyable cannabis consumption method. Likewise, experimenting with edibles is part and parcel of the cannabis lifestyle. And let’s face it, butter is plain awesome in every way.

Put the pieces together and you have a pretty compelling argument to bring the beauty of hash butter into your life.

One of the best things about whipping up a batch of hash butter is its versatility. With a block on-hand at all times in the fridge, you’ve limitless room for experimentation and enjoyment. What’s more, the shelf life of a block of hash butter is about the same as that of regular butter - very long indeed.

You can even freeze the stuff for future retrieval, if you end up with more than you can deal with.

Hash butter has a slightly different flavour profile than that of traditional cannabis butter. Hardly surprising, given how hash itself is a fundamentally different product. But just as is the case when making cannabis butter, the key to success lies in using the highest quality hash you can lay your hands on.

Or if you prefer, make your own from scratch!

How to Make Hash Butter

One important tip before getting started - it’s better to make hash butter using dry hash, with a relatively low residual moisture content. Hash that’s a little on the moist side isn’t the end of the world, but it could compromise the consistency and the final result.

Putting a batch together is relatively easy and calls for no specialist equipment whatsoever. Even as far as the ingredients go, there’s nothing on the list you probably don’t already have lying around the home:

  • 1g to 3g of good quality hash
  • 4 cups of water
  • 1 cup of butter
  • A heavy saucepan
  • Whisk
  • Paper towels
  • Mould for the final product

To be honest, there’s limitless flexibility when it comes to the amount of hash you use. You can add just a small amount if looking to prepare a weaker batch, or take things to extremes with as much as you like. As with edibles in general, it’s all about experimenting with different potencies until you find your perfect fit.


Armed with the basic bits and pieces outlined above, you’re ready to get going with this simple yet hugely satisfying recipe as follows:


First up, add four cups of water to a heavy saucepan and gradually warm it over a medium heat. It’s a case of sticking with a ratio of four parts water to one part butter, so you don’t need to measure precise cups if it’s inconvenient to do so.While the water is heating up, begin breaking your hash into the smallest possible pieces.


Wait until the water is hot, rather than boiling, before adding the butter and reducing the temperature to a low setting. Let the butter melt into the water, giving it a good whisk to ensure there are no lumps left behind. Again, keep the mixture hot, but don’t allow it to boil.


You can then go ahead and add the hash pieces, giving the whole thing another good whisk. Keep the temperature low and ensure the mixture remains hot but not boiling - a gentle simmer is ideal. You’ll need to keep heating and regularly stirring the mixture for a minimum of half an hour, though allowing the hash to infuse for up to four hours can produce better results. Four hours being the maximum time you’ll need to create the most potent final product.


Last but not least, it’s simply a case of taking the mixture off the heat and pouring it into a mould or container of some kind. Unlike cannabis butter, there’s no requirement to filter or strain the liquid. Allow it to cool, pop it in the fridge and way for it to harden. After which, you’re free to use it in as many creative ways as you wish, or simply smear it all over a slice of toast and wait for the magic to happen.

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