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Helping the Noob in Your Life Get High for the First Time

Helping the Noob in Your Life Get High for the First Time

By Lisa Mortown

Getting high for the first time is an experience nobody ever forgets...ironically.Most of us look back on the whole thing with nothing but delight, but there will always be those whose introduction to cannabis was anything but dreamy.

Which begs the question – what can you do to get the cannabis first-timers in your life off to the strongest possible start? Say a friend or family member has decided to cross the fence into the cannabis community, how can you ensure that their first experience is one they’ll remember for life for all the right reasons?

1. Set the mood
Well, the first thing to bear in mind is just how much your surroundings and the general atmosphere at the time have an impact on yourself when you’re baked. There are certain settings you wouldn’t dream of putting yourself in, just as there are those you’d happily spend the rest of your days relaxing in. As such, when walking someone through their first cannabis experience, setting the right mood and atmosphere couldn’t be more important. It’s all about relaxation, comfort, safety, security and entertainment.

2. Stock up
Think about anything and everything that’s ever enhanced a session for you personally, then make sure there’s plenty of it on-hand. Your favorite comedies, plenty of good music, an arsenal of munchies and so on.

3. The right people
When getting high for the first time, it can be a good idea to surround yourself only with those you feel 100% comfortable around. Which when you actually think about it might not be quite as many people as you’d suspect. First-timers will always be slightly anxious about the way they may speak, behave and generally respond to the cannabis they use. All of which is likely to be intensified if there is anyone around they are not completely comfortable with.

4. Strain selection
For obvious reasons, this probably isn’t the time to stock up on the stickiest 25% THC bud you can lay your hands on and go mad with it. Instead, think about something a little less potent - perhaps with a much higher CBD concentration than you would usually go for. This is a great way of ensuring the newbie doesn’t get carried away and remains nicely relaxed throughout.

5. Take it slow
There’s a time and a place for the two-metre bong to enter into the newcomer’s life – this certainly isn’t it! Even if things appear to be going well and confidence is high, one rip on a monster bong could be all it takes to send the entire thing into a nosedive. Take your time, avoid temptation and save the bigger bongs and pipes for future use.

6. Be wary of booze
Going easy on alcohol is important for two reasons. For one thing, alcohol and cannabis can sometimes have an overwhelming effect when combined – especially where newcomers are involved. In addition, alcohol breeds the kind of overconfidence that could lead to bad decision-making (see above).

7. Avoid the edibles
Unless the newbie in question has decided outright that they have no intention of inhaling a darn thing, edibles should be avoided for the time being. The reason being that not only is it far more difficult to control dosage as with edibles, but even what’s considered a standard dose of THC delivered via an edible can be way too much for a newcomer to cope with.

8. Keep it honest and fun
Last but not least, honesty is of crucial importance and the newbie needs to know that if anytime they slip into anxiety, paranoia or stage-one of a freak-out, you’re there to help. There should be no peer pressure, no persuasion and no taking the whole thing too seriously. Keep everything as honest and enjoyable as possible for the sake of all involved.

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