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Here's Why Your Cannabis Seeds Didn’t Germinate

Here's Why Your Cannabis Seeds Didn’t Germinate

By Grow How

What’s more disappointing than producing a batch of bum cannabis? Easy – failing to get things off the ground in the first place.

Cold comfort it may be, but failure to germinate cannabis seeds is anything but uncommon. In fact, the vast majority of home growers occasionally find themselves looking at stubborn seeds that show no signs of life.

On the plus side, at least you’ve invested very little time and effort up until this point. Not that this is particularly helpful, but still – a silver lining if nothing else.

But it doesn’t answer the million-dollar question as to why it happened. Or didn’t happen, as the case may be.

Three Common Causes

Most of the time, problems with germination can be attributed to a handful of common causes. The good news being that by identifying what went wrong, you’ll be in a much better position to avoid the same mistake next time.

If your seeds are showing no signs of movement whatsoever, take a closer look at them and see if any of the following ring true:

1.Absolutely no visible changes since you planted them

If the seeds look exactly the same as they did when you planted them, this means there’s something wrong with the growing medium. Just as long as the seed is healthy, there’s really no other reason why it shouldn’t have sprouted.In the overwhelming majority of instances, you probably failed to provide sufficient moisture. Mercifully, seeds that haven’t sprouted and are still in good condition are still prime candidates to produce quality cannabis plants. Try increasing moisture levels and keeping an eye on temperatures, checking back in a day or two to see what’s happening.

2.Seeds appear darker or have traces of mould

When the seeds you plant fail to germinate though noticeably darken in colour, you’re looking at the signs of mould, rot and fungus. The same also going for any visible signs of mould itself, which indicate that there’s now really nothing you can do to save the seed. As for why this happens, it’s most likely that too much moisture was provided, or that the pH level in the growing medium was completely out of balance. Next time, be sure to keep an eye on how much moisture you provide and measure the pH level of the soil before going ahead.

3.Germination occurred but subsequently stopped

If things appeared to be heading in the right direction only to be stopped in their tracks, it’s most likely attributed to issues with moisture or temperatures.Specifically, soil that becomes overly dry or warm – even for a temporary period – can stop the germination and initial grow process in minutes. Precisely why it’s important to keep a close eye on your propagator, or whatever you use to germinate your seeds and get your plants off to the strongest possible start.

Seed Germination Bad Habits to Avoid

As we’ve covered in a variety of previous posts, successfully germinating seeds doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be one of the easiest parts of the entire cannabis cultivation process. It’s simply a case of avoiding a few common bad habits along the way.

For example, overcomplicating things really isn’t the way to go. A simple glass of water or a couple of wet paper towels is all it takes to get the job done.Likewise, under no circumstances is it wise to overlook the importance of pH levels, balanced temperatures, humidity and so on during this critical early stage.

Give your seeds the TLC they need to enjoy a strong start and they’ll reward you in kind further down the line.

(This article is intended for educational/entertainment purposes only and for readers in countries where cannabis cultivation and consumption are permitted by law.)

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