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How to Chop Weed Effectively When Your Grinder’s Gone Missing

How to Chop Weed Effectively When Your Grinder’s Gone Missing

By Grow How

Ever found yourself in that annoying position where the bud’s as good as it gets but your grinder’s nowhere to be seen? Or worse still, you’ve gone and smashed the thing to pieces?


Well, the good news is that armed with a dash of creativity, there’s tons of alternative options for grinding cannabis. So next time you find yourself in a pinch, try one of the following:


Your Hands – Yes, it’s obvious and no, it’s not the most enjoyable job when your bud’s stickier than a stick. Nevertheless, the payoff that comes with using your fingers is the way in which it gives you the opportunity to build a seriously close relationship with your bud and will always leave you with fragrant fingers for a few hours at least…so stop moaning!


Cards and Keys – If you happen to have a set of keys on-hand, the serrated edge of any key will usually do a pretty good job when used to hack away at your buds on a hard surface. They might end up a bit sticky and aromatic themselves, but it’s no biggie.  Alternatively, use a credit card to break down your buds, with the added bonus of being able to use the flat edge to scoop up all the bits and pieces that break off.


Shake It – If your bud is already particularly on the dry side, one of the easiest ways of breaking it up is to place it inside a spotlessly clean jar or tub with a lid. Once inside, give it a seriously vigorous shake and chances are it will smash to pieces against the sides, leaving it ready to roll.


Smash it – The same also goes for sticking your dry bud in a baggy (one of decent quality) and either smashing the baggy against a hard surface, or bashing it with something blunt and heavy. Whichever approach you choose, you’ll most probably come out with the same results.


Mint Tin Hack – There’s a useful hack that’s worth trying that involves nothing more than one of those metallic breath mint tins and a coin. In this instance, it’s a case of placing your bud inside the tin with a coin, closing it and giving it a heavy shake. The coin will thrash around the inside of the tin and do a great job shredding your bud. The only downside being that…well, let’s just say the average coin isn’t the most hygienic thing in the world!


Shot Glass and Scissors – We probably don’t need to spell out to you exactly how you can use these two things to chop your bud into little bits. But just in case you’re not quit following, simply place a modest amount of bud in a shot glass and get busy with the scissors – either with a snipping action or more like a pestle and mortar. A great option for making sure nothing gets dropped or goes to waste.


Pizza Cutters – Considerably easier and faster than using a conventional knife, a pizza cutter and chopping board come together to make an extremely effective method for chopping bud.  There is of course always the option of using a knife if you do not have a pizza cutter – it just means a little more effort on your part.


Fine Graters – You know those tiny little graters reserved for things like parmesan cheese and nutmeg? Well, chances are that if your bud isn’t overly sticky, you’ll find they’re also excellent as grinder-substitutes.


Coffee Grinders – Last but not least, perhaps the single most effective alternative to the standard weed grinder that’s also the easiest of all is that of the coffee grinder. In fact, there are plenty of connoisseurs these days who don’t even bother with manual grinders at all, having stepped up their game and invested in a coffee grinder.



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