If you’re going to take the time to bake a batch of cannabis edibles, it might as well be a big batch. Particularly if you’re planning on sharing them around, there’s really no such thing as having too many.

That is, until the party is cancelled at the last moment and you’re stuck with a stockpile you can’t possibly eat alone. You’ve loaded them with a combination of White Widow and even some New York Diesel that you grow yourself, so you’ll be damned if you’re going to let them go to waste.

In which case – what’s the best way of storing cannabis edibles? Assuming you’re not going to be able to scarf them for some time, how should you store them away to protect their quality and potency?


The Shelf Life of Cannabis Edibles

Right off the bat, there’s no need to despair if you’ve invested a ton of your precious THC in a bunch of baked goods you can’t eat right now. When cannabis is baked or cooked into anything in the form of a distillate, oil or butter, it holds on to its potency indefinitely.

There’s a tiny amount of long-term deterioration to factor in, but grab a batch of well-stored edibles two or three months after they were baked and they will still have the same kick.

On the downside, baked goods (and cannabis edibles in general) aren’t quite as capable as withstanding the tests of time. Particularly when it comes to those you bake yourself, which aren’t likely to contain nearly as many preservatives and additives as store-bought goodies.

From cookies to brownies to buttermilk biscuits, give your homemade edibles just a few days and they’ll lose most of their appeal. The shelf life of cannabis edibles therefore (technically) being the same as their generic counterparts – not particularly long.


How Should I Store My Edibles Long-Term?

Again, it’s a case of following the same protocols you would with your generic baked goods and culinary creations. Something which in the vast majority of instances means one thing and one thing alone:

Freezing… and freezing well.

Realistically, there’s no other way of preserving the vast majority of culinary cannabis creations. Freezing will inevitably compromise some of the properties of the edibles you’re storing away, but on the plus side will preserve their potency indefinitely.

The key to success therefore lies in freezing your cannabis edibles as quickly as possible after making them, while at the same time ensuring they are as well-protected as possible.


A few tips and guidelines to help ensure you enjoy your edibles several weeks or months down the line:


1. Avoid exposure to light

Don’t make the mistake of freezing your edibles in the usual sandwich bags and plastic wrap, unless you then place the whole thing in an opaque container. You need to shield your goodies from as much light as possible to preserve their quality and the potency of the THC.


2. Use wax paper

Plastic wrap has the potential to affect the flavor of some types of edibles, so it’s better to use wax paper where possible. Wrap them as tightly and thoroughly as you can get away with, being sure to use a couple of layers for added protection.


3. Keep them sealed

Unless you actually plan on eating them, resist the temptation to ‘check on’ your frozen edibles for the duration. Ideally, you should be looking to keep them sealed away in an airtight vacuum, until the time comes to take them out and put them to good use.


One final note – if your edibles look, smell, feel or taste strange upon retrieval, toss them in the trash. Moldy weed that’s being compromised during storage is a potentially serious health hazard – a risk not worth taking for the sake of a couple of cookies!

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