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How to Avoid (or Minimise) the Munchies

How to Avoid (or Minimise) the Munchies

By Grow How

For some, the cannabis munchies are all part and parcel of the experience. You hit your favourite cannabis strains, set yourself up for a relaxing evening and embrace the madness that follows.

For others, cannabis munchies are a less desirable aspect of cannabis consumption. Particularly if you’re attempting to lose weight or stay healthy, bingeing on junk food really isn’t the way to go.

Interestingly, cannabis users are statistically less likely to be overweight or obese than those who abstain. Nevertheless, there’s no denying the damage a several-thousand-calorie binge on all the wrong foods can do to just about any of us.

But is there really an effective way of avoiding the munchies? Or if not, what can you do to at least curve the effects of the munchies, or cope with a bout of insatiable hunger?

1.Experiment with different strains
Some swear that every Kush strain out there is notorious for the munchies - others claim it’s all about Haze. Truth is, different strains affect different people in different ways - including in the hunger department. Hence, the key to success (if you can call it that) lies in experimentation with various different strains, until you find one that doesn’t have you raiding the cupboards like a ravenous racoon.

2.Drink plenty of water
There are two reasons why it’s important to stay well hydrated when consuming cannabis. One of which being to in some way compensate for the naturally dehydrating effects of THC consumption. In addition, it’s a well-documented fact that when you drink plenty of water, you’re exponentially less likely to overeat and make terrible dietary choices. Water may not be the most delicious cannabis accompaniment, but it’s your best friend where staying healthy is concerned.

3.Prepare to fail strategically
Chances are, all your good intentions will go out of the window when you’re overwhelmed by the munchies. It’s almost inevitable, which is why the best thing you can do is prepare to fail strategically. This means surrounding yourself with as many healthy snacks and treats as possible, so if you’re going to binge, you’ll binge on something that isn’t so hazardous to your health. Portion control is something that just doesn’t happen where the munchies are concerned, so the healthier the snacks, the better.

4.Eliminate temptation
In a similar vein, you can’t expect to abstain and make positive decisions if you’re surrounded by junk food. It’s not like you can purge every unhealthy snack from your entire home, but there’s certainly room for minimising or eliminating temptation where possible. If nothing else, you’ll want to ensure that your least healthy snacks are out of reach, and out of sight if possible. You really don’t need many reminders of what you could be eating, when you’re trying to think more about what you should be eating.

5.Distract yourself
Last but not least, one of the best ways of curbing the effects of the munchies is to simply distract yourself from them. Just for the record, this doesn’t mean sitting around on the couch and ‘distracting’ yourself with movies and video games. This is the kind of sedentary activity that’s only guaranteed to make things worse. Instead, we’re talking anything that involves physical activity whatsoever. Exercise is a tried, tested and trusted appetite suppressant, so think about getting up and active.

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