Cannabis has an intoxicating fragrance most people love. Even those who aren’t really into smoking the stuff admit loving the smell of potent skunk.  Nevertheless, there will always be times and places when discretion is called for.

Your grandma has announced an unplanned visit, you need to take an urgent trip out or you’ve been called into the office at short notice. In all instances, the funk of the Hash you’ve been honking on all afternoon needs to be shifted…fast!

Mercifully, there are effective ways and means by which weed stink can be brought under control quite quickly. Rather than panicking, use the following tried and tested tips when discretion is a priority:


1. Ventilate Like Crazy

Even if it’s the middle of winter and blowing a gale outside, fresh air is your best friend. This counts for both your interiors and your clothes, which will benefit enormously from ventilation and fresh air circulation. 


2. Essential Oil Diffusers

In most instances, you’ll find the best air fresheners to cover up weed stink are those that are 100% natural. Synthetic, chemical based air fresheners often mix with the smell of cannabis to create something even more potent and suspicious than the smell of the weed in its own right.


3. Incense Sticks

It’s a similar story with incense sticks, which have been trusted by generations as one of the most effective ways of covering up the smell of weed. There’s always something suspicious about walking into a home that reeks of aromatic incense, but it’ll at least help prevent giving the game away.


4. Air Purifiers

If it’s an option, consider picking up an air purifier that has an active charcoal filter. Filters with active charcoal are designed specifically to capture odor particles and eliminate them, spewing out nothing but clean, fresh and fragrance-free air. 


5. Oscillating Fans

Any fans you have lying about the place can also be useful, enabling you to distribute and therefore dilute the smell of cannabis over a much larger space.  This can be even more effective if you keep your windows and doors open at the same time.


6. Brew Some Coffee

One of the most effective odor-concealing fragrances of all is freshly brewed coffee. Brew a batch of coffee to fill the air with a far less suspicious fragrance, while setting a bag of beans or grounds out in a central location to act as an air freshener.


7. Take a Shower

Don’t make the mistake of thinking it is only your clothes that stink. Chances are, it’s made its way deep into your hair and your skin as well. Showering is therefore essential for washing away the evidence, while the steam created can also be great for dealing with the funk hanging in the air.


8. Bag Your Clothes

If your clothes stink to high heaven, toss them in heavy-duty garbage bags and seal them tightly. This is one of the only realistic ways of keeping them from stinking up your home, until you’ve time to wash them. 


9. Vacuum Everything

This can be useful in two ways - the first of which being to ensure that any residual fragrance in the surrounding air is removed. In addition, most decent vacuums also feature highly efficient filters that can freshen the air. If time permits, try dusting your carpets and soft furnishings with a thin layer of baking soda, leaving for half an hour and vacuuming away. 


10. Ask for Input 

Last up, if you’ve a neighbor you can trust or a friend nearby at the time, ask someone to pop in and share their honest opinion. You’ll have inevitably gone ‘nose blind’ in the process so won’t be able to judge - asking someone else to sniff your home (and you) is therefore advisable.

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