Quite a lot of people find shopping just about the most boring task on the face of the earth. Only when there’s no option to order online will they make the monumental effort of setting foot outdoors and heading to the local store.

It’s also the reason why a surprising proportion of stoners only ever hit the High Street while high. Something which, as we all know, has a wide range of positive and negative connotations.

The benefits of shopping while high

Of course, the most immediate benefit of shopping while high is the fact that it makes it less boring. You’re so far gone in your own world that you don’t really care how dull of a chore it is. Not only this, but choose the right THC moderate strain and a few strategic tokes before setting off could arm you with the energy, optimism and confidence you need to make the best of a bad situation.

The same also applies if you happen to suffer from depression, social anxiety or issues with concentration. If weed helps you focus on the task at hand, it can be great for shopping. The inspiring effects of cannabis can also bring something new and interesting into the shopping experience. If you’re out to buy weird and wonderful things you wouldn’t normally look twice at, shopping while high is the way to go.

The drawbacks of shopping while high

On the flipside of the coin, there are also several potential disadvantages to factor in. The most obvious of which being the inherent risk of buying a whole bunch of stuff you really don’t need. Hit the store at the right time and literally every single thing in front of you will appear too irresistible to pass up.

You’re also far more likely to forget various important items you’d have otherwise prioritised. You might also choose to pack in the entire experience early and head home, simply having run out of energy and enthusiasm. Needless to say, anyone on a diet may find it borderline impossible to shop sensibly for groceries while high.

If all this wasn’t enough, there’s also the chance you’ll spend far more money than you planned to.

How to Shop While High Like a Pro

Should it become necessary to go shopping while high, there are ways and means to keep yourself on the straight and narrow. Likewise, if you simply prefer shopping while high, the following tips could steer your retail excursion in the right direction:

Eat Before you Go

Shopping while hungry is a big mistake, irrespective of whether or not you’re high. It’s therefore advisable to eat a full meal or a sizeable snack before you go. Do so and you’ll find it much easier to shop sensibly, rather than on impulse.

Make a List

Admittedly, making a list is only worth doing if you’re capable of sticking to it.In any case, it’s a pretty obvious way of ensuring you don’t forget anything important.

Take Limited Cash

If you’re in the habit of overspending, never take more than the exact amount of cash you need.

Dash In and Out

The longer you browse, the more likely you are to find all manner of products you simply cannot live without. Head straight for the isles that have what you need and forget about the rest.

Use Self Service Checkouts

Last up, self-service checkouts almost always feature significantly fewer upsells and extras than their conventional counterparts. Serving yourself is also a great way of avoiding the inevitable shame you’ll be feeling, if your basket of groceries tells a story for all the wrong reasons.

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