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How to Pick the Perfect Cannabis Seeds

How to Pick the Perfect Cannabis Seeds

By Grow How

For some, growing from seed really is the only way to grow cannabis. It’s a debate that splits connoisseurs right down the middle, but there’s no denying the satisfaction of creating something beautiful from scratch.

Growing cannabis from clones can and often does deliver the goods in a big way. Nevertheless, availability of clones is comparatively limited and nailing the delicate transplantation process can be tricky.

So assuming you’ve decided to grow your plants from seeds - what can you do to ensure you pick the best seeds available?

Before getting to grips with quality considerations, you first need to select an appropriate strain.

Points to Ponder When Choosing Strains

The key to successful cannabis cultivation lies in thorough planning, which begins by considering the available strains and their characteristics. Assuming you plan to grow indoors, you’ll need to factor in the following:

  • Space requirements - how much vertical and horizontal space will each individual plant need?
  • Growing conditions - can you provide the plants with carefully controlled temperatures, humidity levels, lighting cycles and so on?
  • Flowering time - do you have plenty of time to play with, or are you looking to produce as much cannabis as possible as quickly as possible?
  • General difficulty - some strains are more challenging to grow than others, so are you sure you can handle this particular strain?

Consider your preferences and requirements in accordance with your skill level and the logistics of the subsequent cultivation process.

Measuring Cannabis Seed Quality

At first glance, the vast majority of cannabis seeds look almost identical.Precisely why most newcomers to cannabis cultivation don’t pay much attention to their physical appearance.

These days, it’s rare to come across a decent dispensary paddling substandard seeds. Nevertheless, it’s worth examining the appearance of the seeds you purchase, in order to gauge their quality.

For example, seeds that haven’t been allowed to reach maturity tend to be small in size, light green in colour and have a shrivelled, somewhat brittle surface. At the opposite end of the scale, older seeds may be dry, cracked and significantly darker than their counterparts. It’s possible to germinate and successfully grow immature and older seeds, but the risk of failed germination is significantly higher.

A healthy cannabis seed is usually dark brown in colour with no signs of cracking and a shiny-gloss finish. It shouldn’t crack or feel brittle when squeezed gently and should be supplied in packaging that protects it from moisture, light and excessive temperatures. Once again, just as long as you buy cannabis seeds exclusively from a reputable vendor, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about quality.

Feminized vs. Standard Seeds

Last but not least, if you intend to grow plants exclusively to produce quality cannabis, you have no use whatsoever for male specimens. Hence, you may as well go for feminised seeds where available. Typically available at a slightly higher price, feminised seeds are engineered to ensure they produce flowering female cannabis plants.

If you do go for a batch of mixed seeds, you’ll need to keep your eye on your plants during those important initial weeks. Just as soon as it’s possible to detect the male plants in your crop, you’ll need to remove them as soon as possible.Not the most complicated job, but it’s still easier to stick with feminised seeds and save yourself the effort.

And for the fastest possible results, choose an autoflowering strain with the shortest flowering time. This way, you’re guaranteed a payoff at a specific date down the line, irrespective of light/dark cycles.

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