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Idaho Family Pushes for New Marijuana Oil Legislation

Idaho Family Pushes for New Marijuana Oil Legislation

By Grow How

Idaho is considered by much of the US pot-smoking community to be eons behind many other North American states, having made it pretty clear that even the medicinal use or application of marijuana isn’t going to happen. Or at least that’s been the case up until now, as a family that began lobbying for marijuana oil to be decriminalised some two years ago are closer than ever to bringing about a change in the law. In their instance, however, the very last thing they have on their minds is recreational use of pot – they’ve a wholly more significant and immediate cause for concern.


Alexis Carey is ten years-old and suffers from Dravet Syndrome - a rare form of epilepsy. She suffers from frequent and often incredibly aggressive seizures, which in each and every instance leave her parents wondering whether this will be the episode that ends her life. Not only must her parents deal with the pain and anguish of seeing their young daughter suffering day in and day out, they must also bear the injustice of knowing that marijuana oil has shown great promise when used on children with the same condition in other states and nations.


They believe that marijuana oil could significantly reduce their child’s suffering – if the state of Idaho were to alter its archaic policies.


Having been successfully used to reduce the suffering of so many children in the same position as Alexis Carey, evidence is no longer anecdotal or inconclusive. Of course, no treatment for any condition can be deemed 100% effective for 100% of people, but to disallow the approach to be trialled for the benefit of a girl in need is simply inhuman. The girl’s parents first began pressing for a change in the law two full years ago and have in the meantime faced little more than doors slammed in their faces on the back of pure and unbridled bureaucratic nonsense.


However, their pull at an upcoming hearing may prove pivotal not only in their own instance, but for marijuana laws in Idaho as a whole. This time, and for the first time, the family has some legislative backers.


One of the primary arguments voiced by the family and their growing arsenal of backers is that to legalise marijuana oil for medicinal purposes does not in any way mean that the drug as a whole needs to be decriminalised, tolerated or in any way changed in terms of the law. Or in other words, the only effect of the legislative change would be to provide at least a possible benefit to those in needs of alternative medicine. So far, a full dozen US states have made marijuana oil legal for use in medical instances while still keeping weed as a whole illegal – Idaho’s arguments for not following suit are beginning to wear thin.


Having spoken to the press at length over the year, the parents of Alexis Carey have done their best to convey exactly how horrific it can be to have a feeling of powerlessness when a child is suffering from a condition that’s not only destroying their life, but could kill them at any moment. Worse still is living with such a nightmare while at the same time knowing that a potentially effective treatment method is out there, in use across so many other places, though for reasons of pure stubbornness banned in your home state.


The infuriatingly closed-minded nature of the authorities in Idaho was made clear in 2013, when a resolution was approved by the Statehouse that marijuana would never, ever be legalised for any purpose. This is perhaps one of the most ridiculous bureaucratic decisions made in recent history as there isn’t a scientist or doctor in the world that would suggest that we already know there is to know about weed and its use.


What right do these kinds of people have to rule out something they don’t understand? It’s the kind of ‘banging your head against a brick wall’ situation that’s infuriating for the free-thinking community on the whole and potentially deadly for those in genuine need.

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